Show- dont tell and stuff :P

Well I have kicked my novel writing up a notch due to NaNoWriMo (will do it next year) but slacked on the blog (sorry) NaNoWriMo has inspired me to focus more on it and I have done quite abit what with Jess being Jess and all – me typing when shes napping now as done it once when she was awake and ended up with her taking my glasses off and then sicking up on me! (Anyway see What I Have Done sections for info on progress)

I have been stuck on doing the whole show dont tell descriptions (been trying to remember to not describe anything my character cant taste, smell, see, hear or touch) but somehow I get lost in what limitations I need to do!

Thankgod for Pinterest as I need pictures to stimulate or enhance my idea of a place, character or a scene and I can write it down in the show dont tell style- like a pictured 100wc prompt (Does that make any sense?)

Also I was writing out a rough chapter 4 and halfway I got excited about my book (I was at first doing it as a means to an end of bordom) but now its something I want to write, for me and for fun of course but if people like it its a bonus! I get excited when I have an idea for it etc and to me its a brilliant thing to feel. I do worry every now and then if my idea gets nicked :S (Do you?) Maybe because I feel so strong about the novel- something ive done on my own that makes me nervous? I printed out all my work and it looks so good on paper 😀

I was out on a walk the other day and it hit me that where I was is the place I want the fictional town to be- love it when inspiration hits plus it makes it easier to write! I drew out a map changing bits so its not exactly like the town and to help my memory if I writing a scene and forget where the certain place is!

Ooh what else- ah yes, music! Do you listen to music while writing and if so what do you listen to? As at the moment im writing in silence and its starting to not workout. Help?

Right enough of my ramblings…

(picture from

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2 Responses to Show- dont tell and stuff :P

  1. Paul says:

    I’m not sure I quite understand your reference to ” show, don’t tell”. Can you explain or was there a blog on this concept? Anyway. I’ve quit NaNo because it just wasn’t for me. That’s not to say I’ve quit writing- just that I’m more comfortable going at my own pace and editing as I go. As for what type of music I listen to, it’s usually something rhythmic, without vocals. Classical always works for me but, as I’m writing a noir type of fiction now, slow jazz trios are constantly playing- the kind of music that you might hear while strolling past a smoke-filled bar at 4 in the morning.

    • Oh I was reading a book about writing and it said show the reader don’t tell when it came to describing things- it confused me hence the rambling then the stuff was just an update and other ramblings 🙂 soz if it didn’t make sense x

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