The Daily Post- Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters

This weeks challenge is to tell them about a character in our life. The goal is to make them real as possible to the readers.

My character would be my daughter Jessica.

My little explorer of only 7 months is a tiny ball of mischief. Her big eyes burst with energy and her hair is wild like her personality. Always on the move and keeping me active- she was a fidget even before she was born!

Her giggle is high pitched and heartwarming, such a happy girl, clapping and squealing with delight that is infectious. Even though she cannot talk yet- her babbles mean everything to us.

Everyday she surprises us with her expanding knowledge and how advanced she is for her age. Jess can be moody and cheeky as she knows what she wants!

She is unique because she is mine.



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3 Responses to The Daily Post- Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters

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  2. snosler says:

    Short and sweet – I like it. Sometimes people use too many words 🙂 Just stopping by to see what people are writing about for the Challenge.

  3. You’ve packed a lot in there in only a few short words!

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