Realm of Magic!

Good afternoon everyone!

So my poem that is in an anthology called Realm of Magic is due to be released on the 1st of August 😀 So to mark this occasion of having something published for the 1st time I have created an online party over on my facebook page to celebrate this. I have organised it for the 28th July as I think can pre order then ??

I have some lovely author buddies doing takeovers throughout the event and I will also be around to share snippets of current work 😛

Il try to put the link up soon…….

Here is the cover of the book 🙂


How pretty is that!

I also went to the library yesterday and asked if they would like a copy and they said YES! Such an awesome feeling knowing something I have written will be in a library (and has motivated me even more to crack on with my wips)

Anyway I would love for you to pop over to the event to say hi 🙂 or if would like a 30min takeover slot I have some left…..

In other news

Next week its my birthday and Williams! So due a big update as many things have been going on so will post that soon.

Also have 2 interviews and a recipe to share! 😛

All happening at itsjennythewren!


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*Author Interview- Lisa Freed*

Hello everyone welcome to another Author Interview! Today we have Lisa chatting to us about her book, sea glass and how to beat writers block… over to Lisa :0

Tell us a bit about your book

thumbnail_Miner teaser 2

The Miner’s Return is a time travel romance that takes place in Pennsylvania. Tristan Davies, The Gavenstone Mine’s foreman, was killed in 1839 during a cave-in, yet he walks out of the mine in 2018. Kat Gavenstone is the present-day owner of the land that surrounds the mine and is there researching her newest book. She mistakes him for a mere trespasser. Over time she learns that not only is Tristan who he says he is but that all she thought she knew about the mine’s history might be a lie.


What would say is the genre for your book

Time Travel Romance


Where did the inspiration come from?

I was just sitting in the school pick up line waiting to get my son when I had an idea about a man stumbling to the surface covered in dirt and confused. From there I had to decide where he was coming from and what had happened to bring him there.


How did you come up with the title for your book?

It just fit the story, he’s a miner and he’s returning to life.


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?

About 3 months. There were two drafts total.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?

In this one no. But I think we all know a troublesome, smartass like Kat’s brother Ben.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?

To be honest I gave myself a week off before jumping into my next project. No launch party.


Would you care to give us an extract?

It was starting to get dark and as they walked to the car, he hung back, his head turned up to the sky. Kat tipped her head up and saw the stars shining brightly down. “Beautiful night,” she commented, clicking the car on and unlocking the doors.

“Kat, you have no idea just how lovely this sight is.” His voice was low and hushed.

Looking back up at the night sky and the glowing stars she realized he was right, she couldn’t recall the last time she had stood and admired the stars’ beauty.

They stood, heads lifted, silent with their own thoughts for over five minutes before Tristan trudged over to the car, his head down and shoulders slumped.  Kat didn’t have to guess to realize his new reality was hitting him hard. He had been so upbeat and accepting that sometimes she forgot the full magnitude of what he was dealing with. He was a strong man, no doubt about that.



How do you beat writers block? Any tips?

Music always seems to help. And when I truly do have writers block I just play the What if Game. You start with a character and then what if he did that? What happens then? How would someone react? That usually produces results.


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?

I love walking on the beach and collecting sea glass. It’s amazing how our oceans take trash that people have dumped and over many years is able to turn it into a thing of beauty.


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a combo of the two. I usually have a rough idea of how I want the book to go before I get started but I don’t outline it. Instead I have a notebook full of scenes and ideas that I go off of.


Do you have any advice for fellow writers?

Best advice that was given to me is to Just Do It. It really is as simple or as difficult as you make it. If you want it, then do it.


If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Christina Applegate


I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?

Psychic Undercover follows the life of 24-year-old Teresa Ashford of Delaware who just wants to live her life despite having many psychic gifts. Her life is complicated by her long-time friend Victor, who happens to be a long-dead drug dealer from Greece, and her hot lawyer neighbor Lance.  In addition to running her cat rescue Whisker Kisses she is bugged by spirits wanting her help.

thumbnail_Psychic teaser


Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?


Many thanks for popping over on my blog Lisa 🙂 xx

Lisa was born and raised in Pennsylvania before moving to Delaware to marry the nicest man she had ever met. A happy stay-at-home mom to 2 kids and 2 cats, she enjoys taking as many long walks on the various beaches of Delaware in search of sea glass as she possibly can. 

From middle school on Lisa would sneak her mother’s romance books out of the house to share with her friends in covert operations that involved switching covers and secretive brown bag hand-offs in the halls. With such beginnings is it any wonder that the next step was writing and sharing those stories at the lunch table with her pals? 

Lisa is a long-time fan of Fabio as his image is what drew her into the pages of various historical romance novels. She has yet to meet him, but that is a bucket list item.

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Jam and Coconut Cake


I hope you enjoyed the honey and raisin loaf recipe? Today I am posting up the yummy jam and coconut cake 🙂


Jam and coconut cake

200g Sugar

125ml oil

2 eggs

250ml milk

400g self raising gluten free flour

1 tsp salt




  1. Mix all ingredients together in the order of the recipe 
  2. Bake at 180 for 20 mins then 150 till knife comes out clear
  3. Leave to cool
  4. Spread jam and then sprinkle with coconut
  5. Enjoy



Nice quick recipe today- thought I had a pic of the slice but I must have been too keen to eat it! (If find will add)

It is so light and fluffy- rises really well considering gluten free flour you have to add extra for a good rise!

Let me know if you have given this a go 🙂



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Honey and Raisin Loaf


So I thought as I love baking and lots of people like my instagram piccys of my gluten free bakes I thought I would share my recipes here on my blog 🙂 combining both hobbies! – Who knows maybe one day I will write a baking book 😛


So my first recipe is Honey and Raisin Loaf 🙂


300g Gluten free self raising flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 or 2 tsp ginger (if want a hint or more of it)

100g butter

60g caster sugar

1/2 cup of raisins

2 tbsp honey

1 egg

120ml milk (I used semi skimmed)


  1. Mix flour, salt, ginger and butter
  2. Add sugar and raisins
  3. Pour in the egg, honey and milk then mix mix mix!
  4. Put in a loaf tin
  5. Bake at 180 for 35mins then cover with foil for a further 25min (or when knife comes out clean

Perfect with a cuppa!


Let me know if you have tried it or if enjoyed it! If you do decide to add more ginger then the inside will look abit more darker in colour.

What other recipes would you like to see?


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Time (Poem)

Hello everyone!

So last night at 3:30am (ish) a poem popped up in my head- very happy I now have a notepad next to my bed for this exact situation 😀

Odd how when you want to write you cant but when not focused on it lots of ideas come up!

Anyway here is the poem- let me know what you think 🙂



To-do lists








It all comes and goes

It all gets replaced

Apart from you


Not really sure as to why all that was in my head!

1st poem since the anthology…

Hopefully a day of brain storming and writing- what about you?


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Author Interview- Isra Sravenheart

Hello everyone! What horrid weather we have in the UK today- unlike the past few hot days!!!

Here on the blog is an interview with Isra! 🙂

Isra: Hi there, my book “Her Blackened Soul” is a fairytale retelling about Lady Isra, a witch who has gone from light to dark. She now shuns the world from her is isolated from humans. It all goes well until she learns of another human that can spot her but this is knocked off course when she meets Astrid. (Later in the book)


What would say is the genre for your book?


Isra: It is fantasy/ fairytale and I’ve been told very much a YA fairytale as well by readers.


Where did the inspiration come from?


Isra: The inspiration came from my own experience with darkness. I was a full fledged witch and I strayed from light to dark at one point, it is kind of loosely based on that but I’ve focused more on the positive elements of facing your darkness rather than the isolation and negative of it.


How did you come up with the title for your book?


Isra: it just came to me, no hard work required, I saw it in my head and it was the right one.


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?


Isra: I spent two years writing it.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?


Isra: There are characters based on people I know, yes. I like to base characters on real people because then it is more realistic but just change aspects.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?


Isra: I’m not a drinker so I didn’t celebrate it as such. I was very happy though.


Would you care to give us an extract?


Isra: Sure.


Here’s something from Chapter 20 where she meets Astrid.


She pushed open the window. A huge raven perched on a tree outside. She had seen one before but never up close. In a flutter of black wings, it flew in and landed on her arm, beady eyes staring up at her.


Hello, I am a messenger from another land. I have heard of your power and wish to assist you in any way possible. My name is Astrid. I am at your service.”


Lady Isra smiled. “Why, you are a pretty thing. I am honored to have a friend such as you. Tell me, do you share my power? Some are afraid of me and what I do.”


Astrid shifted his weight, careful not to pinch Lady Isra’s arm. “I do not fear you. I know you do dark things for it is in your nature to be dark, like it is my nature to soar the skies. If others do not accept it, that is their problem not yours. I am merely here to assist and guide you as you grow even stronger.”




How do you beat writers block? Any tips?


Isra: This could be controversial but I don’t believe that writers block exists. I believe you either motivate yourself or you don’t. Sometimes when you are burned out, you need to take a rest and so it’s natural to wonder if you are blocked but my advice is don’t focus on it, step away and come back at another time. I personally like going out for a walk.


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?


Isra: For sure, I love colouring and photography. I also enjoy watching films and reading books in the fantasy, thriller, paranormal, ya genre.


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?


Isra; I do plan things as I go along so I’m a plotter. There are times when I just go with the flow not knowing how it will end.


Do you have any advice for fellow writers?

Isra; Just continue writing, use your mistakes as learning curves and keep going. Don’t fall into the trap of vanity publishing, go by your gut and what feels right. Keep your wits about you in terms of all offers made by publishers, agents alike. It;s a big world out there.


If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?


Isra: Ooh that;s a hard one. I’d be kind of set on Johnny Depp for Astrid. Or James Franco. Not sure on the others!


I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?


Isra: It’s a top secret project for the Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale Anthology so I can’t reveal too much just yet. I can say it is YA fantasy and will be something readers won’t expect me to do.



Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?


I have a tonne of links including my reader group and street teams on Facebook which people are welcome to join.


Stalk Links:


Reader Group:

Street Team:

Mailing List:



Amazon Page:



And finally my book link is just available on Amazon for time being but will go wide around July onto Kobo, Apple Ibooks and Barnes and Noble, Nook etc




Thankyou so much for taking time to pop over on my blog! Love to hear more about the anthology!! Deadline? 🙂 thumbnail_18486351_294273374346238_3001204648391609584_n

Isra Sravenheart, USA Today bestselling lives in a fantasy world while writing elements of life and love into her books. Digging in the dark fantasy realm, her preferred area is creating villians that have hearts but she loves a good hero/ heroine. Dragons, witches and ravens are her forte!

She resides in the UK and loves spending time with her cats! You can stalk Isra on social media and find out what her next magical concoction will be!


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*Author Interview- Deb Rhodes*

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a new author interview- The lovely Deb Rhodes!

Tell us a bit about your book

I wrote the poems in Brightwood Street Chronicles to express the reality of growing up with sexual violence. Each poem represents a different aspect of my world back then. For instance, Steady Hands tells of my passion for writing in a household that had no use for literary aspirations and, in fact, ridiculed my writing dreams. Holy Ground expresses the incongruity of my mother’s air of refinement at church each week with her passive domestic self who failed dismally at protecting her children.


What would you say is the genre for your book

These are confessional style poems, written in free verse form.

Where did the inspiration come from?

My passion for writing began shortly after my stepdad (my abuser) entered my life during my seventh year. For lack of any other means of expressing my trauma, I turned to writing both as a means of communicating my sorrow and as the only way I could process what was happening to me.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

We lived on Brightwood Street during the years of my abuse. Since I was the family scribbler, or chronicler, it seemed fitting to use the word ‘chronicles’ to describe the nature of these poems. They are a written record of my family’s particular madness.

How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?

I began writing the poems about ten years ago. It was a slow process, mainly because in the beginning I didn’t have it in mind to write enough poems for a book. As I began the arduous work of healing from my childhood wounds, I would infrequently be haunted by a particular phrase or sentence rolling around in my mind that compelled me to commit words to paper. Some of these poems were scribbled down in haste and then thrown into a drawer. Years later I’d come across one and realize that it wasn’t all that bad. I’d edit it as impulsively as I’d originally written it. Nothing was deliberate, it was all done in the heat of emotions that drove me to write these down, and then later drove me to perfect them as much as I could without smoothing off too many rough edges. I was going for emotional content, not poetic form. Some of the poems read unevenly, but I’ve kept them that way so as not to lose the original emotional force.

I don’t think I could guess how many drafts there are of these poems. Some I got nearly right in the first draft; they needed only minor corrections. Others were more of a struggle and some might have been rewritten half a dozen times before I was satisfied that they conveyed what I wanted them to express.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?

I didn’t exactly celebrate, it was more like I plunged into a deep depression. Somehow it felt as if I’d exploited my own pain, and that didn’t feel like something that should be celebrated. I’ve since come to terms with publishing my poetry, having remembered that my whole purpose in publishing these poems was to give my younger self a voice, as well as to speak out on behalf of children everywhere who are going through such trauma and also have no voice.

Would you care to give us an extract?

This is an excerpt from Rough Draft:

I’m writing you out of my soul the nub of my pencil scratching the comfort of truth on every line, knowing you can’t snatch away my tablet now, or stop me from writing what I really did all those many summer ago while mother waited on you hand and foot, and my cheeks burned hot with secret shame and someone oh someone forgot to rescue me.

How do you beat writers block? Any tips?

For me there’s a world of difference in dealing with writer’s block with my fiction, and writer’s block with my poetry. When it comes to writing poems, no amount of trying to coerce myself helps. I find I have to be in a certain frame of mind, and probably that’s mainly because the subject matter I’m dealing with is so personal. I can’t deliberately sit down with the idea of writing a poem, and I also can’t simply decide to work on a rough draft. It must come from a place deep inside that I don’t seem to be able to access at will.

Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?

I love to knit and bake, and I used to do a lot of altered art, though not so much these days. I spend time with my grandkids, and I also do a lot of beta reading.

When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?

This doesn’t really apply to my poetry, but when I write fiction I’m not much of a plotter.

Do you have any advice for fellow writers?

Read twice as much as you write. Immerse yourself in good writing. Don’t try to imitate it, but let the varying styles move you and broaden your mind. And, of course, write your little heart out every chance you get.

If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?

I can’t even imagine . . . though I would love for Frances McDormand to be in there somewhere. As my mother, I suppose.

I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?

I’m currently working on a memoir, and several novels.

Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?

My book is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

There is a link to it on my website at:

I’m also on Goodreads:

Thankyou so much for sharing your reason why you wrote your poems and such a brave lady! Big hugs and praise to you 🙂



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Camp Nano and Author Bio’s


Nice to be back on the laptop! My charger broke and took ages to get a replacement hence the radio silence….


Camp Nano went very well as I actually finished with hours to spare! My first Nano win!!!! 😀 Was a great feeling! Was hard as couldnt use my laptop so had to use old fashioned pen and paper.

31696383_2009013269349365_8822355368538537984_n (1)


News on the anthology poem- I sent my headshot piccy (my facebook pic- only decent pic of me so far) to the publisher and now struggling with my author bio… do I write in third person, what info should I include/not include- how long should it be…….

Think will keep it short and sweet though 🙂

The anthology will be released on the  1st August! (Our 1st wedding anniversary) so fitting (as well as a special day anyway, isnt the 1st anniversary gift paper? So can give the hubby a copy :D)

The title is called: The Realms Of Magic

So excited and hoping to do an online pre-release party  so watch this space…..

Did you finish camp nano? Any tips on author bio writing?

Many thanks for reading




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Author Interview-Emma Robinson

This month we have fellow nano Essex writer Emma who has just released her book that I will be covering in the next few posts very soon! 🙂

Hello Emma!

Tell us a bit about your book


The Undercover Mother follows Jenny, a journalist on maternity leave who writes an anonymous blog to prove to her boss, sister and random women in queues that life doesn’t have to change just because you’ve had a baby.  It’s a novel about self-discovery, embracing change and finding friendship in the unlikeliest of places.


What would you say is the genre for your book


I guess it comes under romantic comedy. Although there is no romance. So, let’s go with humour.


Where did the inspiration come from?


I became a mum for the first time when I was 35 and it was a huge learning curve! I had a tough birth experience and could be heard mumbling ‘everyone lies’ for months afterwards. Writing the novel was therapy.


How did you come up with the title for your book?


Because Jenny uses the mums she meets at antenatal as material without telling them, calling her blog The Undercover Mother seemed to fit. Then I just gave the novel the same name.


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?


It took me 7 months to write the first draft which I then hid in a drawer for 6 months. After that, I edited it and sent it out to an agent who liked my writing but not the convoluted, multi-narrator, flashback plot I had written. I went away, did an online self-edit course with The Writers’ Workshop and did the work to improve it. After securing my publishing deal with Bookouture, we went through three stages of edits which my lovely editor assured me were only ‘light’ ones.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?


Dan, Jenny’s husband is very similar to my own husband. We are both lucky to have such patient men in our lives!


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?


Oh my gosh – I milked it for all it was worth! I had several mini-celebrations with my friends after getting the deal. Then, during publication week, I had a book signing and a party for my friends. It was a lot of fun.


Would you care to give us an extract?


Preoccupied with checking her phone for a message from her boss, the length of the queue she was in and the question of whether the baby needed one or two giant cookies for breakfast, Jenny didn’t notice the woman’s splayed palms until they landed squarely on her stomach. She jumped so high she nearly lost hold of her sandwich. ‘Look at your beautiful bump! How long have you got?’


Jenny took a small step backwards. ‘Five weeks.’ It wasn’t a problem that the woman was touching The Bump – although a bit of warning might be nice – but there was no time for a conversation about the delights of pregnancy today. Eva was an even-tempered boss, but she hated lateness more than a missing apostrophe, and Jenny needed her in a good mood. She pushed her sandwich along the counter and focused on the jar of cookies. Avoid eye contact. Buy the sandwich. Get to work.


But Queue Woman didn’t get the message. ‘Is this your first one?’


‘Yep.’ Jenny nodded. ‘First one.’ Here came The All-Knowing Smile. She got it a lot now. Why did everyone assume they knew better than her?


‘You’ve certainly got a lot of changes coming your—’ Leaning forward, the woman scrutinised Jenny’s sandwich. ‘Is that bacon and brie?’


Jenny knew what was coming next. ‘Actually, I’ve researched and apparently…’ Queue Woman snatched the sandwich out of her hands, scanned the selection on the counter and replaced it with a ham and cheddar panini.


‘Thank God I was here. You nearly ate soft cheese!’ The Smile again. Accompanied by a shake of the head. ‘Pregnancy brain.’ Leaning down, she stage-whispered at Jenny’s stomach. ‘Silly Mummy.’


Jenny looked at the ceiling. She just wanted to buy a sandwich – and a cookie or two – and get to work. At least in the office people still talked to her face rather than her midriff. They’d enjoyed their joke of pointedly counting off the months since her wedding and had then barely mentioned her pregnancy since. But now she needed to talk about it. Maternity leave started next week and she still hadn’t been able to pin down her boss about the plan for her column. Eva had evaded her questions, as if the ‘Girl About Town’ articles would write themselves. Admittedly, they wouldn’t need to cover the column for long because Jenny was only going to be off for six months and she’d also pick up some of the work from home once the baby was settled. Writing when it slept.


Queue Woman was back at face level. Frowning. ‘You look tired. Do you need to sit down?’ She lowered her voice. ‘My friend was about your age when she had her first baby and she said it was exhausting.’


Thirty-seven is not old! Jenny bit her tongue. Even her doctor had said her ovaries were chucking out eggs like the last day of the January sales and that she should ‘get on with it’ if she wanted a baby. Just showed how much he knew. ‘No, I’m fine, thanks. Really.’ The queue began to move and Jenny bought the panini she hadn’t chosen, three cookies and a large latte – decaf, to avoid another lecture. On the way out, her mobile buzzed in her bag. A message from Eva. Come and see me as soon as you get in. Don’t speak to ANYONE.


At last.


How do you beat writers block? Any tips?

Free writing to a timer works well for me. I set a timer for 20 minutes and I am not allowed to stop writing. Usually there is a thread in there which gets me started again. If I really don’t feel creative, I give myself a break and try again later.


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?


I’m a huge reader. I usually have a paperback and a kindle book on the go at once. The best thing about being published by Bookouture is that they have a lot of great authors which has encouraged me to read outside my genre. I’m quite partial to a psychological thriller these days!


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?


I’m a planner with a sprinkling of pantser. I do like to have a clear character arc for each of my characters and I plan a five act structure. However, best laid plans are often tweaked and changed as I get to know my characters better and there’s the odd flash of inspiration.


Do you have any advice for fellow writers?


Read a lot and write as often as you can. Be prepared to work on your writing if you know there are things you can improve. For me it was plotting, until I read a great book called Into the Woods by John Yorke. Don’t give up. Ignore the new story whispering in your ear until you have finished the one in front of you.


If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?


I am rubbish at knowing the names of actors and actresses. I would like a comic actress to play Jenny. Maybe Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids. (I just had to google her name.)


I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?


I’m not sure if I am allowed to yet! Can I keep you posted? I love it though and am hoping it will make you laugh and cry.


Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?


I would love them to come and join me on my facebook page and I also have a blog:

The Undercover Mother can be found on Amazon:


Emma Remmaobinson thinks of herself as one of the ‘Bridget Jones generation’ – who are now grown up and having children – and writes novels for women who feel the same.
She also has a blog, Motherhood for Slackers, which takes a humorous look at parenthood, and includes poems such as ‘Dear Teacher’ about her son starting school which has been shared around the world. Emma is an English teacher and lives in Essex with a patient husband and two children who are an endless source of material.


Thankyou so much Emma and congrats again! Im halfway through the story so far and love it- can relate to so much! 🙂 Will give the 20min timer approach a go!


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Hello everyone!

So Friday evening I received a reply from my poem submission – and guess what?…..


Its going to be published in the anthology!!!!!!




Still beaming and cant believe that my little poem will be in a book 😀 Im so happy and this has boosted my confidence in writing again- just in time for Camp Nano! (Will see how far I get this time!)

The fairytale story will now be considered next year but they have put a new anthology deadline and the theme is “Nightmares” – so I might try this….

I put a poll on my facebook page to see what others might want me to write 😛 So far haunting is winning, no votes for zombies yet!

Anyway time to get on and try to get my head working after lack of sleep the past few nights….

Yay published a poem- cant wait to share all the details with you!


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