Christmas Books

Hello everyone!

So as that time of year is approaching (yay so excited) I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas books and ones I will be reading…

I just love the winter nights with a hot choc, a blanket curled up with a good book and even more a nice xmas related one to count down to the big day 🙂 These are the ones I have read (some more than once)

Ones I will be reading and on my TBR pile:

  • Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair
  • Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights
  • Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop

Two are spin offs from my favourite reads (Sweet shop Book Review- Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams and Cupcake Cafe Meet me at the cupcake cafe- book review)

Need to review the ones have read though…..

What will you be reading? Any recommendations?


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Sneak Peak of Nightmare Continues…

Here are my two story sneak peaks 😀





My 2nd time being published- 3rd will be December 😀 Never thought that would happen!

I love how anthologys give people that needed writing confidence boost and love how other authors all come together – sometimes you find a new author to like!


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Meet the Twitches Book Review

Meet the Twitches by Hayley Scott: Book Review



Meet the Twitches, four tiny rabbits who live inside a Teacup House.

They belong to a girl called Stevie and she loves playing with them. But guess what? These toy rabbits have a secret. They come alive when Stevie isn’t looking!

Open up the Teacup House – and meet four little rabbit heroes with big ideas!

Book Review:

We have read this book twice now at bedtime- its such a delightful little read and is a perfect introduction to chapter books.

With lovely illustrations to back up the cute storyline and each chapter is not to long where it kept Jess focus of wanting to know more.



Now Jess wants a Teacup house 😀 Might have to get my craft head in place….. Luckily there are two more in the series to keep her occupied until then 😀


As I sell Usborne books here is a link to buy it from my website 🙂


Have you read this?

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Nightmares in Writers Retreat: The Nightmare Continues!

Hello everyone!

Big news…..

My two short horror stories are going to be published in an anthology 😀


How amazing is this!

Now its October, the month where the spooks come out to play, and things go bump in the night! If you’re looking for a new read, then look no further! Writer’s Retreat will be releasing Nightmares in Writer’s Retreat: The Nightmare Continues THIS Halloween! Woop!

I don’t know about you, but when Autumn comes around all I want to do is curl up with a blanket and read and watch scary movies! 😀

You can pre- order today for its release on 31st October!



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Nano 2018


Woop so have signed up for this years Nano 🙂 (When have I not?)

I put a poll up on my page for two possible titles – either “The bridal party” or “Manicures and Murder”

The winner was:


Here is the synopsis-

Carmen is engaged! After what seemed like eternity she finally is onto the next stage of the relationship.

Engagement party and all things wedding preparation is supposed to be exciting – especially the hen party at a spa….


Little does Carmen know things are about to get messy and it’s not the seaweed wrap!


My first mystery WIP!

Are you doing Nano? What is your story about?



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Crochet Newbie

So last month I started crochet after wanting to try for ages- lets just say im not a natural at it! It feels so different from knitting my spare hand that normally holds another needle is now trying to hold the wool but I must admit its quicker – especially casting on.

Here are my attempts at a granny square:



Here are my other attempts:


Knitting news I have done 14 knitted hats for the big knit and 2 sets of bonding squares for a friend.

I have finished my mug cosy and started knitted santa! 😀

The kids have done some crafty bits but will save that for another post!

What do you prefer- crochet or knitting?


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*Craft Business of the Month- Vicky’s Sewing Box*


So a new blog feature will be Craft Business of the Month 😀

This month we have Vicky Hotson owner of Vicky’s Sewing Box.

Tell us how your business came about?

My husband bought me a sewing machine for one of my birthdays several years ago. At the time I wasn’t really sure what I’d end up making or that it would turn into a small business. I made my daughter some bunting and posted the pictures onto Facebook and friends and family asked me to make some for them. At the time, my husband had set up his accountancy practice and the long term goal was that I would give my career up and work for him. I decided that a small business making bunting would still give me a feeling of having something that I was in control of and I set up my page. I need to confess that it is a small business that doesn’t really earn much money and this is down to my slight fabric addiction and because I offer bespoke bunting I normally buy the fabric in per order and have lots left. I enjoy making bunting and do a lot of personalised orders, Halloween, Christmas and birthday buntings. The same as most small craft businesses, there are a lot of other businesses that make bunting and I’m grateful that I have a large client base who have returned to me and ordered multiple times. Having customers love their item so much that they order more and for gifts makes it all worth it.

Here are some of Vicky’s Makes:

Where can we find you?

Vicky will also be attending this pamper and shopping event


Thankyou for sharing and being my 1st craft business feature! 😀 As you can all agree her buntings are so pretty! Plus its nice to meet a fellow Essex crafter 😀

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New Adventure and Story!

Hello everyone!

hello-september-21.jpgSeptember already! New month new plans! 😀

First up my short story “Dear Gracie” has been ACCEPTED in the Writers Unite 2nd anthology Realm of Romance!!! So happy as really didnt think it got through! 😀 Its a special little story as I wrote it for my Nan and Grandad. More details to follow…..celebrate-311709_960_720

Next update I want to share is a new adventure for this blog 😀 I am still keeping it and update on my writing and fellow author interviews etc… but I am going to combine my crafts into it too!

I am slowly updating my page and will close the knitting one as I can show it off on my all in one page!

I will also be doing a Craft Biz of the Month feature as I have found lots of little gems in the craft world 😀 If you want to be featured drop us a comment!

Many things in the pipeline including youtube tutorials, 3 courses to start (will tell all soon) and of course Nano!

Cant wait to expand my blog as I love writing and crafts so makes sense to combine it all instead of individual pages/blogs!




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Second Chance- E.H.Demeter



Happy publication day to E.H.Demeter with her new book Second Chance!

After a horrific car crash leaves her a widow, Sabrina Hall-Jackson makes the difficult decision to leave the life she’d created in New York and return to her hometown of Haven, South Carolina. 

She hopes familiarity will heal her grief, but going home proves more difficult than she’d imagined. With her heart still yearning for the love she’d lost, Sabrina finds herself spiraling into a vast depression that threatens to consume her – body and soul. 

In an attempt to overcome her pain, Sabrina surrounds herself with family and childhood friends, and slowly begins to move on. However, she doesn’t realize that amidst the nostalgia and uplifting memories, is the one person that holds the spark to reignite her heart, and her life.


Demeter is nominated for best female author (E.H. Demeter),Best Paranormal ( Secrets), Best Contemporary Romance ( Second Chance), and best cover art over at


Second Chance is available from 

Bio: E.H. Demeter was born in Oregon City, Oregon, though she now makes her home in South Carolina, with her husband and two children, where she can be found to hate the heat and love the rain. 

The written word has been a draw since her early years, and she is seldom found without a book in hand. Writing is her passion, and her goal is to share her words, thoughts, and opinions with the world. She is a lover of books, hot tea, and sweets – much to the dismay of her waistline. 

She grew up reading fantasy and romance novels, and finds that is where most of her inspiration lies, though her love of the young adult genre has also sparked creative fires. 

She can be found on social media, and encourages readers to reach out to her. 
Twitter: @EH_Demeter
Pinterest: Imalilmilkdud
Tumblr: EHDemeter
Official website:


See my other blog post from her over here: *Author Interview* E.H. Demeter


BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! Cant wait to start reading it!



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**Author Interview-Gurpreet K. Sidhu**

So this Evening we have Gurpreet joining us for an interview about her book!


Hello! Tell us a bit about your book


Storm is about Evan Storm who has the ability to remember his past life. The memories of his past life come in his nightmares and he believes there’s a reason why this is happening. Everyone around him thinks he’s crazy and he should let it go. But he’s convinced they mean something and when he meets Shadow Hex, everything begins to fall into place. However, he has no idea that getting involved with Shadow will put everyone he cares about and loves in danger.


What would say is the genre for your book


This book falls into the psychological and spiritual thriller categories.


Where did the inspiration come from?


I know people who have a recollection of their past life and that always intrigued me. I always wondered what kind of person I was in a past life, what I did for a living, things of that nature. But I don’t have that gift, so I decided to write a story about the main character who did.


How did you come up with the title for your book?


It was really tricking picking a title for this book. Initially, the book was called Eight: The New Beginning and then it was just The New Beginning. After that, it was changed to You Only Live Twice but that title didn’t stand out to me either. I had a little bit of help from readers who had the chance to read the book before it was ready for publication. After reviewing roughly 40 different titles, I narrowed down the selection to titles that had the word ‘Storm’ because the word itself was powerful and catchy. The subtitle came after and that was much easier. That’s how Storm: It’s a curse to remember came to be!


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?


Good question! It took about 5-6 years to finish writing the book before the first edit because I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree; it was 8 years in total to bring the book to its final stages. There were eight drafts in total.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?


Yes! Every character has a little part of someone that I know. I don’t know anyone who has done the things some of the characters have done, but their personalities are very familiar to me.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?


The plan was to go celebrate but unfortunately I was unable to. I really regret not taking out time to celebrate this huge accomplishment. Now when I look back at that day, it’s going to blend in with the rest of the days. It’s not going to stand out. I try not to live with regrets, but this is something I will always regret.


Would you care to give us an extract?



The old woman leaned over and pulled open the bottom drawer of the rectangular table next to the chair where she placed her diary.

Even though she knew who he was, it took her back a bit when Bruce walked into her room. She could see Bruce was aging well. His hair had started to gray. He was a lot thinner than the last time she saw him. Candice closed the door behind him.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.”

“Not all your predictions are on point, from what I recall,” Bruce said. He made himself comfortable on the sofa across from Venice, with the coffee table separating them. He unbuttoned his blazer, crossing one leg over the other. “So how’ve you been? What’s new around here?”

“Bruce, it’s really nice seeing you, but you’re here for one of two things. Which one is it?”

“I can’t come and see how you’re doing once in a while? Do I need a reason to be here?” He chuckled.

Venice sighed, knowing with Bruce there was always a reason. “What do you want?”

Bruce kept steady eye contact with her before breaking the tension. “I think it’s time to tell them the truth. They deserve to know what happened, what really happened that day, and I think you would want the same for them.”

How do you beat writers block? Any tips?


Luckily I had it only once in my writing career. What I did was write something that had nothing to do with the story. The key is to just write. For me, I wanted that page or sentence to be perfect and that is not going to happen. So I was stuck for a few days. I would just stare at the screen, write something and then hit the backspace. So, I opened a new draft and began to write about my day. When I realized how easy it was to write just that paragraph, I went back to my story and began to write. I think it’s getting out of the mindset that what you write has to be perfect the first time around. The only way to get rid of that mindset is to actually write!


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?


Yes, I do! I love to cook and bake! I started from a young age and always dreamed of having my own cooking show. I love to explore, even though I don’t get the chance to do that a lot. However, my sister, Pavi, has become my inspiration to go out and find new places to explore just in my own hometown. I’m learning that there is a lot to see and discover where you live. You don’t necessarily have to book a flight and fly across the country to explore.


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?


I’m definitely a plotter! When I was younger, I could just write and see where the story took me. But now, I need to know what’s going to happen. I think it’s reassuring to know what’s going to happen because my life never turned out the way I hoped it would, which led to disappointments. But writing gives me a sense of control that helps me cope with what’s going on in real life. Since I don’t have control over what’s going to happen in the future, I like to know there is something I can control and monitor, which is the story that I’m writing. It’s certainly therapeutic. However, every so often, I do end up going back to my storyboard and changing things around because of a new idea that popped up. So, there are times when the story feels like a mess because it’s changing with adding new scenarios.


Do you have any advice for fellow writers?


I would say that if you’re passionate about writing, don’t let anyone stop you. If you can’t get rid of a story that you have in your head, start writing it. Edit after you’re done writing the story. Most of the time, we get into the mindset that we want to write the perfect sentence or paragraph and we get stuck. We never end up moving forward. How much time are you going to spend trying to write the perfect sentence? Ask yourself that question the next time you find yourself trying to write something perfect. Being in that mode will waste your time. So, just write with your heart and edit with your mind later. I know it’s hard to do and easy to say, but that’s what I learned from my experience.


If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?


I love this question! For Evan Storm, I would say Ian Somerhalder or Chris Hemsworth. I would want Jennifer Lawrence or Olivia Wilde to play Shadow Hex and originally wanted Jared Leto to play Marvin Stone. But I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders and I’m in love with how Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby. So I would want him to play Marvin Stone. He would be my first choice, but they’re both good!


I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?


Yes, of course! I’m currently working on a movie script which is a totally different genre from the books I’m writing. I’m currently editing it before I send it in for review. I would love to see it play on the big screen! I will also pick up writing the second book in the Storm series. I’m halfway complete with the story, so I’m pretty excited to begin writing that story once I’m done editing my script.


Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?


They can find it on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Nook, and Barnes and Noble. Signed copies are sold exclusively through my website, where bookmarks are available for purchase as well. I will also make pins available for readers to purchase—they’re pretty cool!

Thankyou Gurpreet for a great interview! Looking forward to the next instalment and the launch party this time 😛


Profile pic

Gurpreet was born and raised in California, she always felt different from the other kids. With an insatiable appetite for reading and writing, Gurpreet would often find herself at the receiving end of a cold stare from one of her teachers – reprimanding her for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention. All those secretive moments spent scribbling paid off, however, and now Gurpreet is launching her debut novel “STORM”. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Gurpreet is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management while running a women’s clothing company with her younger sister.

Aside from fervently writing and managing a burgeoning business empire, Gurpreet can be found savoring the scents of her most recent kitchen-made delicacy or pumping away stress at the gym.


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