Book Review- Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

download (5)Book Description 

Will needed Lou as much as she needed him, but will her love be enough to save his life?

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun teashop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time. (From Amazon)

Book Review

Well where to begin? This book is truly heart-wrenching and unique. I had to not watch the film before reading it and so glad I didnt watch before as it would have spoiled it. SO READ BEFORE WATCHING!

The characters were so original and well written out. The quirky nature of Lou to the depths of depression of Will- every emotion thought of and played a part in each bit of the story.

The storyline was very powerful and thought provoking- it really does make you think and wonder as well as how we take things for granted. The ending is such a difficult subject to write about but it has been done beautifully.

If you cried with “The Notebook”- this is its partner.

Highly recommended






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Happy New Project :P

Well 1st of January is nearly over already….

First of all I want to wish all my followers a Happy New Year and hope 2018 brings you lots of great things 🙂


New Years Day is never a good day for me as it marks 7 years since my nan passed away so I tend to skip today and start on the 2nd.

Now the knitted choc orange xmas covers are now put away until late Sep/Oct I find myself in search for a new project (apart from knitted Easter things and continuing the baby/toddler knits) I came across the temperature blanket and thought this would be a great knit!

A temperature blanket? Well each day I will knit 2 rows in a colour that corresponds to the temperature that day (eg if its 33+ then I will knit in red….)


Quite excited to 1) do a big year project 2) see how it turns out 3) do a blanket (as last one was for my mum 6 years ago that I finished off for my nan before she passed)

Also I got for xmas a knitted doll book- and Jess has already chosen the first one that I should knit!

Anyway Im still full of cold and so off to bed I go..


Night all



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To-Read List 2018

Happy NYE everyone!

So I thought I would write out what is on my to-read list at the moment-  there are a few more to be added 😛

Not in any particular order here are the books I want to get round to reading in 2018:


  • Secrets- E.H.Demeter
  • Sowing- Angie Grigaliunas
  • The Dark Days Club- Alison Goodman
  • Little Grey Dress- Aimee Brown
  • Magnetic -Attraction – Kristina Marshall
  • Lost Symbol- Dan Brown
  • Lord Bachelor- Tammy L. Bailey
  • Operation: Jaguar- Lyman Rate
  • Strictly Between Us- Jane Fallon
  • Unmumsy Mum Diary- Sarah Turner
  • According to Yes- Dawn French
  • Billy and Me- Giovanna Fletcher
  • Custom Chaos- James Salsido
  • Some Kind of Wonderful- Giovanna Fletcher
  • AARU- David Meredith

What is on your to-read list???


Cant wait to read and review these books!


All the best and enjoy whatever plans you have for tonight- I will probably tucked up in bed nursing my cold 😦 while eating an enormous amount of xmas chocolate to help!




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Book Review-Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

a3e0095896ac695a294844f384a4ff6e Book Description

Meet Rebecca Bloomwood.

She has a great flat, a fabulous wardrobe full of the season’s must-haves, and a job telling other people how to manage their money. She spends her leisure time … shopping.

Retail therapy is the answer to all her problems. She knows she should stop, but she can’t. She tries Cutting Back, she tries Making More Money. But neither seems to work. The letters from the bank are getting harder to ignore. Can Becky ever escape from this dreamworld, find true love, and regain the use of her credit card?

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic… the perfect pick-me-up for when it’s all hanging in the (bank) balance. (Amazon description)


Book Review


The main character is like marmite- you will either love her or hate her. I find her quite amusing and a unique person that I have not met in any books before-where others might get very frustrated by her selfishness and naive outlook.

This was made into a film but it is nothing like the book so I recommend reading it before watching- and I prefer the book as the film is very different from location to storyline itself.

Some bits are cringy and at the beginning of chapters are funny reply letters from the banks or debit collections. It is an easy quick read – abit predictable in places but it feels like you are supporting the character and her struggles with her addiction.

I like how the character justifys her spending – cleverly done and a fun book to enjoy again and again.



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What a year!

Hello everyone!

Gosh only a few days left till the new year! How has this year been for you? Since reopening this blog I have had 603 views and reviewed/interviewed/ cover revealed some great books/authors 🙂 and made new friends.

This year I also moved into our first house and got married- Phew two major life changing things so writing came last in the chain of life…….

I was going to participate in Nano but unfortunately bit off more than I could do as work was affecting my health and so had to prioritise (plus left it way to late!)

I have started up my knitting (but only for certain times of the year such as Easter and Xmas etc) and Usborne mostly for my kids to enjoy the books I order…. But again they taken up the time when I could have been writing….Talking of knitting here are my chocolate orange covers that were popular and fun to make oh and Elvis the elf:

23843626_1587799357944088_7093079854854472400_nI have however completed a story and submitted it for an anthology 🙂 writiers block also happened a few times this year knocking my confidence but I was watching cat in the hat tv show with Jess the other day and something the cat said got me thinking-

“I dont know how now but I will when im done”

I have to keep trying with things even when I feel like I should give up and try something else- I am a creative person, that is who I am- a multi passionate person who loves trying many things and most of it are practical/craft type things so I shouldnt turn away from things I enjoy.

When you look at that quote what does it make you think of?

Next year I will focus more on my crafts/writing and enjoy the process- no set goals or resolutions as if I dont do them then I will feel like I have failed.

I do want to join my blogs together and am still in the process of doing this.

We never know what is round the corner and writing should never be rushed- it should come and go as each time it comes back the want to write gets even stronger and more progress happens.

So here is to 2018 and the opportunity’s we can have/make in the next 365 days

Have a great New Years Day!





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Book Review- Happy Mum Happy Baby- Giovanna Fletcher

download (4)  Book Description

Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Happy Mum Happy Baby is now a Number One podcast.

A positive and uplifting book about what it is to be a mother and all things mum and baby by Celebrity Mum of the Year and phenomenally popular vlogger, author, TV presenter and actress Giovanna Fletcher.

Being a mum is an incredible journey, a remarkable experience that changes how we look, how we feel, who we are. As mothers we are strong, protective, proud. We feel a love like no other.

But being a parent can be hard too. It challenges us physically, mentally, emotionally. There are the days where just managing to fit a shower in amidst the endless feeding, entertaining young children and surviving on a lack of sleep feels like an achievement. With so many people ready to offer ‘advice’ on the best way to parent, it can feel like you are getting it all wrong.

Since Giovanna and her husband Tom Fletcher have had their sons Buzz and Buddy, they have been sharing glimpses of their family life. With an infectiously positive outlook and happy take on all things mum-related, Giovanna has developed a following of fellow parents and mums-to-be.

This is not a book about how to have the perfect family experience – Gi would be the first to admit she is winging it just as much as the rest of us – instead it is an honest, upbeat and incredibly personal account of her own experience of having a family. In Happy Mum, Happy Baby Giovanna shares her own journey through parenthood and in doing so, she looks at what it is to be a mother today, encourages you to be confident in yourself as a parent and celebrates how putting a focus on being a happy and confident mum can really make for a happy baby.

(Description from Amazon)

Book Review

Giovanna is now one of my idols- I only came across her from a facebook advert for this very book- I watched it and was hooked and so when it was released I had to grab it!

I love how open and honest she is from the start (which from her vlogs and facebook page that I followed soon after watching the advert-this wasnt much of a shock) and nodded in agreement to most of the things she mentions. Wish I had this book with my 1st as it would have helped in the beginning of the journey 🙂

Easy to read and come back to – it was an enjoyable bit of light reading. It was refreshing to read real tales and struggles from even someone famous- that we all have our own ways in parenting 🙂  and that we are not alone- that its ok to ask for help and not be perfect all the time.

From pregnancy troubles, birth, baby phase to toddler phase- this book is a gem and one I would recommend. If this is what her non-fiction book is like then I cannot wait to read her fiction books (Already on my TBR pile) I love her writing style!



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Nano again?

Good morning everyone!


I say good morning but at the moment I feel like a zombie due to my son keeping me up mostly all night (bless him though his cuddles make it all ok) but in the blur of the early hours a thought came to me that NanoWriMo is nearly approaching! Been so busy wedding prepping, going back to work, BSL, Usborne etc… that it completely escaped my mind!

The last time I wrote was the fairytale I submitted for an anthology and that was end of JULY!!! Long time writers block/break but that is the beauty of writing- you can come back to it anytime at some point as it will be there waiting for you with open arms 🙂

Looking at my WIP’s is like being reacquainted with an old friend – so I think I will go for it again this year (2nd time) and see if I beat my old word count!


Or maybe its my sleep deprived brain and when it comes to November I will be asking why oh why did I put myself through it :p

If I finish it then great but I wont put pressure on myself like last time- as I then started not enjoying writing for as it is- FUN

Anyone else going to join in?


Wish me luck!

I have a few book reviews coming up and this week I am getting organised with my blog posting schedules etc 😀

Have a great day everyone! 🙂



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Hello Hello Hello!



So I have posted a few author interviews lately but not a catchup of what ive been upto so here is another mini blog post on what I have been doing 🙂


Well to anyone following my facebook page would notice a surname change 😛 yep we got married 2 weeks ago (yay) after 18 months of planning the day flew by- but it was amazing (and had best weather all that week) so so happy and still overwhelmed by it all! Now for all the surname changing forms to fill out and to get used to being a Mrs! 😀



We also have been creative as the weather here has been awful so I helped Jess build a puppet theatre and puppets (3 days of entertainment) she loved all the stages from paper mache, painting to performing shows 🙂 great what you can do with a cardboard box (like 2 years ago I made Jess a gingerbread house out of a big cardboard box from when we moved)20708013_10154673989946218_2550804748454712869_n

Usborne books biz is coming along nicely- had a host party which went well and have an online event on Sat so been getting on with this when I can (Lots of books to review!)

Talking of reviews I have created a “to read” list to keep up with all the reviews I will be doing 🙂 slowly getting organised!



I have to redo my BSL presentation exam (boo) would have passed but failed one of the essential criteria so automatic fail if you do- urgh nevermind resit booked and 2nd time lucky fingers crossed! Not signed for a while but practised the other day in a convo with a fellow bsl buddy and the love of the language came back to me so all ready to give it another go 😀

Writing again has taken a backseat but I did submit my fairytale story for the anthology!!!! 😀 😀 (happy dance over here) Deadline has now been extended but happy its been given in and can add if want to (but happy with what I have done) but will now focus on the other WIPS that I have and as of today I now have 4 WIP!! (Ideas going around in my head from seeing a news article- will share more soon) excited to be getting back into writing after horrid writers block

Oh and in other news William can now walk!!!! 😀




Thats all from me atm- tired just writing all that hahaha 😛


What have you been upto this month? 😀

Chat soon!


Thanks for following 🙂



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*Author Interview- Aimee Brown*

Welcome back! Today we are chatting with up coming author Aimee- who has just released her book Little Grey Dress! 


Tell us a bit about your book.

Little Gray Dress is full of weddings, engagements, breakups and laugh-out-loud moments.


Here’s the official blurb:

Emi Harrison has avoided her ex-fiancé, Jack Cabot, for nearly two years. Her twin brother Evan’s wedding is about to end that streak.

From bad bridesmaid’s dresses, a hyperactive sister-in-law, a mean girl with even meaner secrets, and too much to drink, nothing seems to go right for Emi, except when she’s wearing her little gray dress.

When she speed-walks into Liam Jaxon’s bar, things get more complicated. He’s gorgeous, southern, and has no past with Emi. He may be exactly what she needs to prove for the last time that she doesn’t need or want Jack!

Her favorite little gray dress has made an appearance at nearly every major event in Emi’s adult life. Will it make another grand appearance when she least expects it?


What would say is the genre for your book?

It falls into the romantic comedy or chick lit category.


Where did the inspiration come from?

You know, I’m a total pantser when it comes to writing. I just sit down and start. Sometimes I’ll have an idea and sometimes I won’t.


With Little Gray Dress I had zero ideas. I wrote the first draft and it was really all over the place. Giving the characters purpose and the story some structure all came to me when I outlined out the 2nd draft rewrite.


How did you come up with the title for your book?


Ugh. I suck at titles! I’ve heard of authors coming up with their book titles before they’ve even written the manuscript and it’s pretty safe to say, I will never be one of those authors. LOL


It actually wasn’t originally called Little Gray Dress. Originally the title was ‘Exes & Texas’ but my beta readers hated it. I really had to re-look at the overall story and the thing that stood out was Emi’s favorite dress (or Jack’s favorite I should say). Finally, after finishing the second edits of the second draft, Little Gray Dress was born!


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?


Believe it or not the first draft took me 10 days. It was scary though. Don’t ever let anyone tell you they wrote a perfect book in just a couple weeks.


After I did a read through I knew I hated it. Lol It needed structure, and a more streamline end goal. After the first draft, I still didn’t know who the ‘hero’ would be of the two guys!! I intentionally avoided writing the ending chapter.


I sat down and made a post it for each chapter with what needed to happen. The chapters alternate between present time and Emi’s past so I knew certain things needed to be included to move the story along. After I got the post its made out, I hung them all above my screen. A few chapters (the past storyline) post it notes were blank. I didn’t have some of them decided upon until I got further in the story.


The second draft took about 2 weeks to write and then I took another two weeks to edit before sending over to my beta readers. After that I did another two edits, each taking about a week or two before finally pitching the book to publishers.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?


Nope. I think maybe my characters have a variety of characteristics of different people I’ve met over the years. But I can’t say any one character is anyone or mostly anyone one person in my life.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?


I live in Montana (USA) and I’m hundreds of miles from my family and most of my friends so I didn’t not have a physical launch party. Montana doesn’t seem to have much interest in a girly book.


My launch party was a FB Release Party. It’s so convenient to have it online where my friends and family can join in even though they aren’t here with me.


How do you beat writers block? Any tips?


Ha! I’m still trying to figure this one out. A lot of times if I’m really struggling with writers block I’ll go do something else for the day and come back tomorrow. A lot of times I’ve noticed I struggle just because there is something else on my mind that I need to take care of.


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?


Do kids count? Lol


I have a lot going on, a husband, three kids, three cats, three dogs, a tank full of fish, home-schooling, the house chores and upkeep, a small business to run. There is just so much to do.


I really enjoy decorating and redecorating my home, reading, writing and just spending time with my family.


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?


Definitely a pantser. When I sit down to write I have no idea where it might go or how it will even start. Because of this, I’ve trashed a LOT of manuscripts over the years.


Do you have any advice for fellow writers?


One thing I struggle with the most is just letting myself write badly for the first draft. It’s so hard to turn off the inner editor but it’s essential to keeping the flow of your story going. It’s much easier to edit something you hate than a blank page.


If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?


Wouldn’t that be amazing!?


For Emi – I’d cast Ashley Benson (Hannah from Pretty Little Liars). She just has the personality for Emi, I think.


For Jack – I’d choose Henry Cavill (yummy!) he’s exactly the Jack I picture in my head.


For Liam – I wrote Liam’s character based on Josh Duhamel and he is exactly who I’d choose to play this part.


For Lily (Emi’s best friend) – I’d cast Emma Stone. Give her dark hair and she’s for sure Lily.


The rest of the characters are kind of up in the air for me.


I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?


Yeah! Right now, I’ve been working to finish a stand-alone rom/com that will feature one of the main characters in Little Gray Dress. It’s not a ‘sequel’ per say but you will get an insight into someone that everyone seems to need a happy ending for.


Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?


The eBook and paperback are both available on Amazon, here –  – (universal link)

You can also grab the paperback on Barnes & Noble, here –  -.


Buy the Book:

Amazon US: eBook–$2.99 | print–$9.99

Amazon UK: eBook–£1.99| print–£6.99

Barnes & Noble: print–$9.99
BookPeople: print– $9.99
Ingram: Print
Baker & Taylor: print– $9.99

Thank you so much for having me! Your questions were such fun.


Many thanks Aimee! Love the rename- and look forward to seeing your latest work once finished 🙂 I remember the cover reveal ages ago and now its here! Great release party too -congrats!


Aimee Brown is a writer and an avid reader. Little Gray Dress is her first published novel. My second novel is in the works now. She’s currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in English Writing. She spends much of her time writing, doing homework, raising three teenagers, binge watching shows on Netflix and obsessively cleaning and redecorating her house. She’s fluent in sarcasm and has been known to utter profanities like she’s competing for a medal.
Aimee grew up in Oregon but is now a transplant living in cold Montana with her husband of twenty years, three teenage children, and far too many pets.
She would love to hear your thoughts on Little Gray Dress! If you’d like to chat with her she’s very active on social media. You can find her at any of the networks below. Stop by and say hello!

Find her here:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Website/Blog | GoodReads | Amazon Page Newsletter | Contact


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*Author Interview- Kristina Marshall*


Today we are here with my friend Kristina where she has answered some questions about her book 🙂

Tell us a bit about your book

It is called Magnetic: Attraction. It is about a young girl who meets and falls for a successful businessman before truly knowing who he is. She soon realises he has a lot of secrets and is unsure if this is what she wants. As she has already fallen in love with him it could be too hard for her to turn away.

download (3)

What would say is the genre for your book?

Erotic romance fiction

Where did the inspiration come from?

I love reading so much, I like books of all genres but especially erotic fiction. I woke up one day with a vision of writing my own book. I had some ideas in my head so just went with it. I wanted to be recognised for something.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

I had help from some very close friends with the name. I liked the way the characters felt pulled together magnetically so it fitted nicely to call it Magnetic: Attraction.


How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?

I actually wrote the entire book in 2 weeks! The words just flowed onto the page. It has been edited over and over about 30 times.


Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?

I used a few personality traits from people I know but the characters are completely fictional.


How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?

I didn’t have a launch party but I’ve recently had a break from marketing, I published my 3rd, and final, book 2 days before giving birth so life has been a bit hectic. I’m hoping to get the book back out there, a launch party would be fun.

Would you care to give us an extract?

You’ll have to read it to find out.

How do you beat writers block? Any tips?

I got writers block a few times. I saved what I had written and switched it off and didn’t go back until the next day.


Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?

I have two children so they take up most of my time. I do enjoy gardening and running.


When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?

I’d say I was a bit of both, a “plantser”. I write down a brief outline of what I want to happen but when I’m writing I tend to come up with new ideas.

Do you have any advice for fellow writers?

If you have an idea, just go with it.

If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?

I’ve never thought of it if I’m honest. I’d probably say for Stephanie I’d have Amanda Seyfried and for George I’d have James Marsden.

I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?

I’m currently reading and doing small edits that have been missed and then I will be marketing. It’s so easy to miss simple mistakes when you’re reading the same words over and over every day. Now I’ve had a break I feel like I have fresh eyes and can notice anything I missed.


Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?

It’s currently available to buy the paperback or kindle download on Amazon here: It’s also available on Createspace.


Many thanks Kris – and great choice of actress and actor to play the characters 🙂 Look forward to reading the trilogy! Well done on completing before birth- amazing lady! 🙂 


Kristina a stay at mum to two beautiful boys and loves reading and writing (when she gets the time). She enjoy’s writing a book that the reader will jump into, become the character and not want to put down. She is hoping to write some more soon.

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