Christmas Choir Concert

Hello everyone!!

Now Christmas is finished and all is getting back to normal routine I thought I would share an update on the last concert we done 🙂

It was a lovely evening and some of the tunes I never herd of before and now a favourite (another reason I’m happy with joining as it’s introducing me to a variety of songs).

We had a nice mix of traditional (O men from the fields and Sir Christemas being ones I’ve not herd of) and some not (Favorite things, Toyland, God bless us) where I’m the first half was traditional and after the break was Christmas on Broadway, 12 days of Christmas and Wish you a merry Christmas to end the night 🙂 Jess loves it!

She took some nice photos of the evening

Defiantly got us all in the Xmas spirit! Now to prep for our spring concert!

Never herd of these before and most are Latin! I’m starting to love The Lilly and the Rose song 🙂


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*Book Review- Little Women by Louisa May Alcott*

Book Description-

The timeless tale of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth – experiencing both hardship and adventure in Civil War New England. Though the March family may be poor, their lives are rich with colour, as they play games, put on wild theatricals, make new friends, argue, grapple with their vices, learn from their mistakes, nurse each other through sickness and disappointments, and get into all sorts of trouble. In this simple, enthralling tale, Louisa May Alcott created four of American literature’s most beloved “little women”. (From Amazon)

Book Review-

As soon as I saw the trailer for Gretas adaptation of this book I had to read it before going to watch at the cinema! (Always read the book before the films) but found out this book is part one!!

What a little delight the book was! I really enjoyed immersing myself in those times and reading up on the sisters adventures through life and growing up- their trials throughout the year. I liked each sisters views on the ups and downs and what each of their priorities were. All sisters had a unique talent and it was interesting to find out that the book is a semi autobiography of her and her three sisters made it even better.

Nice read for all ages – a quick light read to get you into the mood for more of a Jane Austin novel. Also I think we all have abit of a Jo (or Meg?) in us and can’t actually pick a favourite character this time as they were all good! Now to read part two…….


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Garden Diary-December

Hello everyone!!!

It’s December!!! 😀 Even when it’s winter there is still a lot to do/have done! Every season brings different jobs and different plants bloom when other don’t- different scene each season 🙂 I love it and learning so much.

So first the geranium cuttings are doing well- two have bloomed after two weeks!

Then a few days ago another bloomed!

The other mint and rosemary I’m not sure are growing well but keeping an eye on them…

On the 11th I volunteered to plant some trees at my local park with the local park wardens as they are doing a community planting scheme where they hope to plant 5000 trees in the next few months! That day we planted 375 🙂

It was so much fun giving back to the environment and chatting to new people in the crisp air! Looking forward to the next planting morning 🙂 the best bit was a robin flew down to inspect the area 😀

Can’t wait to keep visiting and seeing them all grow 🙂 We has a mix of dogwood, oak, goat willow and field maple!

For Christmas I got some gardening goodies!

Two bug hotels 😀

Can’t wait to hang them up 🙂

I cleared the dead cosmos and think next time will plant them where our log pile is as forgot how tall they get!

Love thinking of next years garden and how much it will change again- also to see if any of the bulbs will surface!

Any plans for your garden?

Have a great rest of 2019!


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Knitted Nativity

Hello everyone 🙂 Nearly Christmas yay!!!

So I finally got round to finishing the donkey and Jesus 🙂 (next year I will add the wise men and shepherd’s)

Was fun making this 🙂

Here is donkey Here is Jesus-

Finished Nativity scene for this year 🙂 Will add wise men next year and shepherds and angel the year after 🙂

Might even create a stable and add on things each year…. 😉

Have you created one?


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12 Days of Christmas

My little take on the poem 😉 Both Jess and William are much better now but unfortunately I’m feeling abit poorly 😦

Hope you all have a great Christmas! Here is what the elf’s have done in the last two days

Thankyou for following my blog and looking forward to what next year will bring


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Elf on the Shelf – Week 3

Hello everyone! How are all your Xmas prep going? How has your elf’s been getting on?

Here is what Matilda and Andy have been up to-

So funny

Dressed up as Will and Jess

They wanted to go to school and nursery

Tea party

Start of the Christmas holiday breakfast 🙂

Some colouring in

Bathroom fun!

Last minute wrapping 😀

So glad I don’t have to worry about moving them now 🙂 I love it though and have so many more ideas but I guess save them for next year!


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Elf on the Shelf – Week 2

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week? How are your mischievous elf’s?

Matilda and Andy have been pickles!

Playing a game-

Dino racing!

Post it note the sofa!

Helping out with the laundry?

The greatest showelf!

Reading to the toys 🙂

Making their own magical brekkie

What busy elf’s!

A few times nearly forgot to move them – so far so good 😉 I wonder what they will get up to tonight….


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Write The Story-December

Hello everyone!!

Each month Writers Unite give out images for story prompts- go check out their website for more info and to read other amazing writers take on these prompts-

This month was this image 🙂 Immediately this rough story idea came to me! Enjoy x

The Care and Cure Toy Shop

“Mummy!!” she heard him shouting and saw her little man in tears running into the kitchen to receive a warm gentle hug

He refused to let go for a while but soon pulled away blinking back the tears

“What is it sweetheart?” she asked worried

“My teddy” he whimpered

“Yes?” she said with a smile relieved he had not injured himself and wiped away the tears

“He has a rip on his bot bot” he stuttered

“Oh no not a rip on his bottom?” she sighed

“Yes Mr Geoffrey had an accident and now he is broken” he cried

“Well let’s have a look” she said taking his hand and letting him lead her to the scene of crime.

Yes Mr Geoffrey had a big tear and her sewing skills wasn’t great. The bear was a jack in a box and was very old, it belonged to her grandma and that he was passed on from generations, but he didn’t work as the springs were so old but he loved it as it was and never knew what it could do anyway.

She took a while to think then remembered a new shop in the next town had recently opened, That was like a toy hospital- maybe they should pay them a visit. She could see if they could fix it and maybe grab some last minute Christmas shopping over there too?

Bundling up in the car not long afterwards she drove to the town hoping it wouldn’t be so busy as it’s the lead up to Christmas, but managed to park quickly and was soon walking up the high street

His tiny hand grasped tight as they finally got to the shop- and both stared for a while looking at the window display before them.

A beautiful Christmas scene was of a big carousel going around with big snowy trees next to it that were decorated with pretty coloured ball balls and glittery nutcrackers glistened as the twinkly lights surrounded the window above them.

As they walked through the door it ringed alerting the shop keeper who was busy polishing a dolls shoe

He looked up and took off his glasses smiling

“Hello and welcome to Care and Cure Toy Shop please take a look around, the toys here need a new home, and if you need any help please do let me know” he said

“Hello, actually we was wondering if you could fix a toy?” She hoped

“Why of course- we do fix any toy too” he beamed

She took out the teddy from the bag and placed him on the desk

“Can you see he has a hurt bot bot” the little boy said

She smiled and picked him up so he could see better

“Ah yes I see” he lifted it up and looked at it for a while

“Does the spring work too?” he asked

“It hasn’t for a very long time” she sighed

“Leave it with me – I won’t be too long, your welcome to sit and have a hot choc or come back in 5-10?” He said

She looked around the corner thinking the shop was small but the L shape shop was in fact big! At the far end was a hot drink vending machine and a small sofa next to it. A book case with small cushions next to it looked like a magical reading nook. Then many shelves with all sorts of toys filled the walls- some wizzing around with the feeling of pure delight of working and being used

“All these toys were broken or donated to us” a lady said appearing next to her- dressed as an elf

“Hello I’m Maddie I help out every time I can” she quickly continued after seeing her shocked look

Her son was already at the bookcase so her and Maddie sat down and grabbed a drink

“This place is lovely” she said sipping on the warm hot chocolate

“I know it’s amazing what he does and we hope more people will come by as now days people chuck broken toys and replace them” she said sadly

“I’ve never seen such a place” she said as looked around to see a bubble machine started and her son squealed with joy popping them

After a little while she wandered back to see how he was getting on and heard him talking to someone -but no one was there

He was holding a red screwdriver and was tightening up the box while apologising to it for being upside down, then suddenly the teddy nodded and stretched its arms!

No that was impossible it’s arms are stiff and tiredness making her see things she thought

“There” he said putting the screwdriver down

“How does that feel?”

“I feel like new” it said in a deep voice

“Urm?” she managed to stutter

“Oh hello- all done was just about to get you – I have stitched him up and also replaced the spring for you” he said happily not bothered or any hint of embarrassment at what she might have seen

Looking at him then the teddy she needed to sit back down

“Are you alright mummy?” her son tugged at her trousers then ran the the counter jumping up and down

“He fixed he fixed-mummy?” He asked

“Yes hun look” she said as she picked him up and both saw that the teddy was repaired

“Good as new” He said

“Thankyou very much” she managed to say confused and slowly paid the man as if in a trance and wanting to know and see more

On finally leaving she turned around to see him putting the screwdriver away in a big black box chuckling to himself

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Writing update (And Nano thoughts)


So it’s been a few weeks since Nano finished (went by quick!) and I didn’t get anymore words down unfortunately- but I think this year I have done better as I think without the instagram pals and live sprints I don’t think i would have made it past 5k again (the nano house cup game helped a lot!)

I did however finish my paranormal story this week! I have to edit now till submission at the end of the month -eek! The ending took ages but suddenly at again a random moment it came to me! Weird that!

Talking of anthologies- I wrote two sci fi stories some time ago… well they got accepted!!!

Very happy knowing both are through to the anthology! 😀

Still lack confidence that my story’s are any good but knowing all the ones I have submitted have got through so have to stop doubting myself!! I can do it and have so far! Of course won’t always get accepted -but so far so good!!

Need to learn how to edit effectively and maybe finish one of my own books! 😉

Well that’s all the writing update for now 🙂 Now need to finish and edit the phobia story before January! Oh and type up this months WTS! (Coming on the blog soon-the prompt is a good one)


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The Write Way!

Hello everyone 🙂

Good news!

So my horror story “The Fairy” won a competition to be included in this anthology- and it got published not long ago!!! So happy to have another story published for all to read 😀 What a feeling it’s is to see your name in a book!

Can’t wait to start reading the other stories!


The story came to me on a run around my local park and I spotted a fairy statue hiding next to a tree! Random I know! But when a story comes to you – grab it and write it out 🙂

Happy publication to all who won! 🙂

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