Quote of the week #1

I am loving this book (Big Magic) so much -I’m nodding in agreement too. So much truth and I think this quote is beautiful 🙂 being creative does make me feel alive – does it with you? Do you feel the joy in creating?


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New knitting project and update on craft projects

Hello everyone 🙂

So now I have finished Mario blanket I have been able to work on the temperature blanket (nearly finished April) and the writers blanket (slowly but nearly finished January) because I have started a new Xmas knit!

Can you guess what it could be?

I hope to make two more “sets” and hopefully a girl elf 🙂 yes Xmas In August but at least they should be ready for December if I keep going….

More pics to follow soon!

Are you preparing any Xmas crafts?


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Word of the Month

So I have seen this on other blogs/instagram and thought what a lovely idea – especially to expand vocabulary and find unusual words 😉 some words I just like the sound of and others I would never have known about before so here goes…

This word of the month is- Tenacious

Holding tightly onto something, or keeping an opinion in a determined way:

It’s being persistent and determined – Tenacious is mostly positive.

If someone calls you tenacious you’re probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying. A person who does whatever is needed to accomplish a goal!

“She has maintained her tenacious grip on power”

“He demonstrated a desperate tenacious grip on life”

“Your father was right- you are tenacious


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Wordless Wednesday #3

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Birthday cakes


So a while ago it was manic birthday season of Jess and William (oh and mine) but as tradition I baked both their cakes from scratch and attempted to decorate – also being smart thought would try a number cake for the first time for William – yeah crazy I know…

Anyway here was Jessica’s cake as she loves LOL:

(Next time will flatten the top of the last layer so it will balance)

And here is the process of Williams number cake and the final one-

He loves Andy and dinosaurs 🙂 the icing kept falling apart plus stretching it around a number is difficult! Plus I wanted it green on top but didn’t have enough fondant and rushed the decorating as family was arriving 😦 but I feel I’m getting better at buttercrumb coating 🙂

I also made a cake for my dad back in June With choc coconut cupcakes 🙂

So the next cake will be for my mum next month… let the planning begin! 🙂 Maybe I should just stick to plain…. or try another method like smooth buttercream- plus it’s the thought that counts.

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Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday

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Mario Blanket

So back in February it was my hubbys birthday and I had the idea of my first crochet blanket that would be Mario as part of his prezzie- needless to say it took ages and knew would not complete in time so then set it for our anniversary 🙂 only then I just finished on the morning of our wedding anniversary!

So here is the progress:

And here is the final blanket!

I trimmed the loose ends and he was really happy with it 🙂 it was tricky to put together (especially the eye/moustache bit) but was worth it.

Have to say I love both crochet and knitting now and very happy I now understand how to crochet after wanting to learn for so long!

Now to start some Xmas knitting projects! 🙂

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Silent Sunday

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Garden Diary- July

Hello everyone!

July already!!!!!! Gosh and so much done in the garden this month 🙂 learning lots and planted lots…

First we harvested the 2nd batch of potatoes and boiled them to put on the party table- they went down very well! Have now started another batch 😀

The chillis are growing and we also have our first raspberries!!!!!

I made some chive vinegar from the dying blooms (and new blooms are forming) recipe up soon!

I planted some more flower bulbs as got them 75% off so planted lupins and bleeding hearts 🙂 will see if they pop up!

I replanted some peas and the sunflowers 🙂

This was the veg/fruit patch at the beginning of the month….

We had our first pumpkin flower and lots more tomatoes!

Our peppers are slowly growing 🙂

We have some roses coming to bloom too!

Wish could plant more but I know I will take over the garden like my pumpkin is currently doing 😉 big max is so fascinating how they grow root nodes to dig into the soil to help support themselves!

The agapanthus has boomed 😀

A few days ago noticed a flower on the pepper!

Pumpkin starting to grow and tomatoes all pruned 🙂

Hello Mr Snail

Love how the garden is growing and blooming 🙂

Found some Poppy’s at the back of the garden and some dahlia that I thought died last year but apparently not! (so repotted and now at the door)

Such a lovely surprise 😀

I planted some rudbeckia seeds and they have started growing too!

I really am enjoying gardening now we have our own garden it’s such a peaceful thing to do and lets all my anxiety and stress go for a while 🙂

The Rowan tree now has berry’s on!

So that’s it for this month – can’t wait to see the garden next month! Will do a before and after pic to see the difference and will be planting a hydrangea at the front in a few weeks!!! 😀

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