Time (Poem)

Hello everyone!

So last night at 3:30am (ish) a poem popped up in my head- very happy I now have a notepad next to my bed for this exact situation πŸ˜€

Odd how when you want to write you cant but when not focused on it lots of ideas come up!

Anyway here is the poem- let me know what you think πŸ™‚



To-do lists








It all comes and goes

It all gets replaced

Apart from you


Not really sure as to why all that was in my head!

1st poem since the anthology…

Hopefully a day of brain storming and writing- what about you?


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1 Response to Time (Poem)

  1. Lovely
    .. i love when words just pop from nowhere and you pen them and they just flow…like time just flows

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