Book Review- Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams

Book Description-

Rosie Hopkins lives in London as a nurse gets a call to help her aunt Lillian and her sweetshop in Lipton. She thinks leaving London to go to the countryside would be dull and boring- but she was wrong.

Book Review-

Some of the scenes with Lillian struggling with her age made me remember my Nan – Jenny got the emotions of that to an art and the description of the countryside was brilliant and realistic. I liked the time shift history of Lillian but near the end of the book it faded out and didnt have much point to it. The characters in the village were good but confusing-  I didnt feel that one of them was gay and there were too many sub characters. Rosie’s boyfriend got on my nerves and thought she could have stuck up for herself. Towards the end of the book I thought it got abit lost (when did she start liking the guy) and alot more swearing (like suddenly it started coming out of nowhere). The plot was obvious but still a lovely read.  I prefer meet me at the cupcake cafe tbh.

Rating 6/10

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