Book Review- The baby group

Book description-

Six very different parents. 1) Natalie who runs her own design company until baby Freddie unexpectedly came along. 2) Meg is onto her fourth child but still feels she has to take notes. 3) Frances –Meg’s sister-in-law a lonely perfectionist . 4) an over causious Jess doubts she’ll ever be a good mother. 5) A Stay-at-home house-husband Steve feels out of place with the whole process and 6) a sixteen-year-old Tiffany who is more grown up than the rest of them. Chance encounters that create bonds form the baby group.


This book was easy to get into and loved reading it. I loved how even though the reader knew that the main character was Natalie, the other characters (the 5 other parents) had their own storys and heartaches that made them centre of attention too, and the sub characters (Gary and Jack) had their fair share of the limelight where all the characters mix together nicely. Could have got confusing but she managed it well.

I also like the chance encounters that lead to creating the group- as i believe everything happens for a reason.

The big twists make this book real instead of just another fiction- will they wont they plots, affairs, troubled backgrounds, doubts about being a good mum and showing how important it is to have people around you when you have had a baby (and from a future mum i got excited wondering what all the coffee meetups and all the baby clubs would be like) i also wondered what it would be like if i was a character in this book 🙂

The only negative thoughts are that the mum and the main characters history- it did seem abit repetitive at times and that one of the six group characters (the only guy steve) didnt have much of a side plot like the others, abit of a sideline and why is he in the book type feeling.

Worth the read


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  1. Mayumi-H says:

    What a great comment: “I also wondered what it would be like if I was a character in this book.” That says a lot about how much a good story can resonate with a reader. 🙂

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