The playgroup- Book review


Book description-

Puddleducks Playgroup is newly run by Gemma Merryfield but the arrival of the new head of the infant school, Joe Balls soon brings issues. Joe, an ex-banker and always misunderstood has been employed to bring the school back up to scratch- and annoys Gemma even more when it looks like they become flat neighbours!

Nancy is in turmoil. Her only son has just started playgroup and her husband has been taken away on business. with her relationship in crisis and on her own most of the day she seeks company in a group of friends.

but when a pupil goes missing and a life threatening illness happens- this term is set to be more work!


So i have just finished reading this book and loved it from the 1st page! it reminded me so much of Melissa Nathans “The learning curve” which is in my top 5 of my best books. I love any story that has the pride and prejudice feel to it with the main characters (that you know they will get together but when type plot) but this book had so many twists it kept me turning the page to get to when that moment would be- definatly catches the reader out at some points!

The sub plots of two school kids (one getting ill and one disappearing) the focus was more on the illness than the disappearance, to which i felt was abit rushed and could have taken more pages than it did but the illness storyline was moving and at points got you shouting at the book and praying with the parents.

Would take my children to Puddleducks! Enjoyed every moment reading this book.


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