Author Takeover :)

Hello everyone!

So do you remember a while back I posted a cover release online party for a book called Custom Chaos by James Salsido? Well his book was released yesterday and he hosted an online release party where I had my first author takeover experience and it was so much fun!



My slot was 9-10pm in the UK or 4-5est time and at first because im not a published author being in with all those that have I was nervous and worried at what I would bring to the event but I didnt need to worry 😛 everyone was so friendly.

I introduced myself and my 3 wips- then over the hour I gave information on each and snippets where I got lovely feedback 🙂 time went by so quickly! I also shared my 3d printed dragon 😛

Others that joined in were Michelle Schlorb,  Alizabeth LynnE. H. DemeterLyndsey HarperAngie GrigaliunaAuthor A. N. StarlingD.K. Combs and  Katherine F. Scrugg

I even won two giveaways!!!


It was a great event – was lovely getting to know everyone.

Look out for James’s author interview tomorrow 🙂

Thankyou again for letting me be a part of your book launch and BIG CONGRATS



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*Author Interview: Heather Morag Sealey*

Hello Heather 🙂
Tell us a bit about your book
I’ve written a series of 11, so far, with another, stand alone book that, although follows directly on from book ten, was designed to be another way of introducing new readers to the series.
It’s called Kingdom Rising. The series charts a forty year period (with certain parts reaching back to the beginning of creation) in the lives of a small group of people who are set apart for the King.
The King is everything. He is the beginning and the end, the reason the world turns on its axis, he is yesterday, today and tomorrow and the universe is the work of His hands.
But His greatest creation is mankind, made in His image and designed to be creative, compassionate, loving, thoughtful and full of joy and peace in their beautiful world. 
Yet the human race is no longer the King’s. The human race has chosen the way of the demonic Kingdom and the King is all but rejected from the lives of those He loves most.
There are several important storylines within the book, the two most important being the continuing story of four Jewish brothers who are cursed by a Celtic slave at the time of the crucifixion to never find rest, loosely based on the legend of the Wandering Jew. And the tale of a girl who accidentally creates an entire other universe which seems to take on a reality of its own and bleeds into the real world, causing horrific problems which involve both the British and American governments. Throw in the second King Arthur and a lot of demons, just for fun. 

What would say is the genre for your book
I’m not a hundred percent certain they fit into one genre, although there are elements of low fantasy. I tend to say “fantasy with a spiritual edge.”
The later books I’ve dubbed “jigsaw stories” because they’re told from numerous points of view, with the stories intwined together, because no story ever belongs to just one person.

Where did the inspiration come from?
Several places. Firstly, the Kingdom Rising series was conceived as a way of revealing some of the perfection and wonder of the King, Jesus Christ, while stripping away religion. There’s so much power and Glory in the King, but so many people are turned off by the way the church has behaved over the centuries.
The other universe was definitely inspired by my own childhood stories. By the time I was sixteen I had files and files full of other worlds, political situations, languages, characters and cultures that it was only natural some of them would squirm into my later writing.

How did you come up with the title for your book?
Kingdom Rising? The King’s Kingdom rises within people, always. The battle for new territory is always within the human heart. That’s where the war is.
Each individual story is then entitled “something” Rising. Warrior Rising, Eternity Rising, Deva Rising etc.
The stand-alone story is “The King’s Story,” which fictionalises the bible as part of the narrative.

How long did it take you to finish writing the book before the first edit? How many drafts were there in total?
Phew, well, most first drafts take me around seven months, some of the books have gone through more drafts than others. For example, Deva Rising is book three, but it was actually the first book written and I wrote it around fifteen years ago. My goodness has it gone through some changes.

Are there any characters in the book based on people you know?
I genuinely don’t know where I get character inspiration from, but no, no character is based on anyone I know although there will be bits of me in all of them.
The only character that I can say for sure had an inspiration is the bombastic, African-American CIA agent Sam King who becomes an essential character from “Pentecost Rising” onwards. I remember watching James Bond, Live and Let Die, where there is a deeply ineffectual female CIA agent who is utterly useless and is only there to look pretty. This annoys me, nobody would become a CIA agent unless they were very skilled indeed. Therefore Samuel King is bloody effective at his job.

How did you celebrate being published? Did you have a launch party?
No, I just quietly publish them with no fanfare and move on to the next.

Would you care to give us an extract?
This is from “The King’s Story” when Sam King is tortured by Hasar, a demon.
Hasar drew in a long sigh and ran the blade along Sam’s arm until it reached his shoulder, then he allowed the knife to hover against Sam’s throat.
     “I’ve been on earth a very long time. You wouldn’t believe how long, and I watched humanity fall. I watched you devolve into little more than cave-dwelling beasts when you were first separated from the King, and then I helped drag you up from the slime to become what you are today.”
     “Good for you.”
     “That,” Hasar nodded to the symbol painted on Sam’s hand, “Is an offence. You have no right to bear the mark of the King.”
     “I guess the King chooses who he chooses, right?”
     “He does. But there are human beings more worthy than you.”
     “Yeah, you’re probably right.”
Hasar half closed his eyes. “Your race is so full of pride. It used to be that you at least knew your places. King and noble, knight and serf.” Hasar’s look darkened a little. “Master and slave.”
     “Times change.”
     “Indeed. People don’t. Tell me Mr, King, who was your father?”
It was a strange question and asked with peculiar intensity.
     “He was a cop.”
     “Hmm. And his father? And his father before him?”
     “Does it matter?”
     “It matters. Why do you think scripture provides endless genealogies? They matter. Who your ancestors were matter. So tell me about your great, great grandparents? Who were they? Were they respectable members of the community?”
Sam stared into Hasar’s eyes.
     “I’m not ashamed of my family.”
     “No? You should be?”
     “My grandpa washed dishes for a living and I’m damned proud of him. There wasn’t a whole lot else he was allowed to do.”
Hasar chuckled. “Go further back Mr. King. Let’s start with your borrowed name? Because it isn’t yours, is it?”
      Sam set his jaw. “It was the name of the plantation owner, yeah. Samuel J King. I’m told he was a good man. Better than most.”
Hasar found this extremely amusing. “There’s slavery in your blood Mr, King. You can wear all the fancy suits you like, but it doesn’t change the fact your place is serving those better than you.”
     “You know something? This is getting boring.”
     “Don’t you like being reminded of where you come from? Is it a sore point? Does it make you angry?”
This time Sam laughed, and it wasn’t the laugh of an angry man, but the laugh of a man who was comfortable in his own skin.
     “I was an angry kid, sure, but I had a grandpa who was waaay more than just the guy who washed the dishes for white folks. I had a grandpa who remembered the stories of life before emancipation. He taught me that freedom was worth fighting for and that freedom came with the responsibility not to treat other folks the way they treat you.”
Hasar pressed the knife against the soft flesh at Sam’s throat.
     “Three hundred years ago I owned a dozen slaves just like you.” He hissed. “You’re no better than they were.”
Sam held himself still, he could feel the cold sharp metal.
     “I think they were probably a whole lot better than I am. They had to put up with dicks like you calling the shots.”

How do you beat writers block? Any tips?
 Take a break, get fresh air, do something else and try to relax. The words usually start to flow again when I’m least expecting them.
Do you have any hobbies apart from writing?
I enjoyed long-distance running until I ruptured my calf, now I try to get out for long walks whenever possible, and I love spending time with my husband and children.
When you write, do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?
 A pantser without a doubt. When I begin a novel I’m excited, I have no idea how the plot will grow, what characters will turn up and where it will go. Somehow, it always comes together, but sometimes I have no idea how it will.
Do you have any advice for fellow writers?
Nothing that probably hasn’t been said a thousand times. Read everything, every genre, especially classics. Write, write, write. Even if the first ten books you write are awful, you’ll still improve. It’s like running, you can only learn by doing.
If your book became a film- who would you pick to play the main characters?
I really don’t think my books could ever be films, each one is more like an entire season of a television programme. There are too many plot lines.
I see you have new work in progress- care to tell us about it?
I’m half working on a new stand-alone book and also book 12, Freedom Rising. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Sam King has to be rescued from Hades where he’s just spent the last five centuries, another character, a man with the mantle of King Arthur, is trapped in Avalon, a realm controlled entirely by HaSatan (Satan) and his wife is pregnant by HaSatan (although doesn’t remember) and I have a hundred other plotlines I need to pick up on.
I’m always torn between continuing my series or trying to find new ways to help new readers jump aboard. I have no idea how many books the series will run.
Lastly, where can readers find you and your book on the internet?

I have an author page on Amazon, both UK and USA, and my own website.

41r76sgcdkl Cover of the first in the series.
Thankyou so much for participating 🙂

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He found the journal on the train…

So before the new year I played a little game on facebook where I start a sentence then everyone writes something to make up a story. In italics were the responses and I finished the rest (or tried to- all raw no edit was made up as I went along)

So here it is:

He found the journal on the train…

He knew he shouldn’t, he just couldn’t resist. He snuck a peek at the first page and was shocked to find a very farty dragon who had eaten too much sausage meat over the Holidragon festivities. Nevertheless, he was determined to finish his satsuma but then a lady came and sat down opposite him so he just had to share what he’d found….

He told the lady about the Holidragon festivities and that he was surprised dragons ate sausages but the lady looked at him with a strange regard and felt uneasy in his presence.

He continued to eat his satsuma squirting juice on the pages that then revealed a hidden text at the bottom

Shocked he read the message

Imagination is the key

He again tried to share with the lady opposite but she put in her headphones looking out the window so he tried to share it with the man next to him- the man did not believe him and took the book to see for himself only to pass it back saying that the pages were blank……


Have to say it was alot of fun and the people that joined in I hope had fun too! Will do more of these in the future.

Have you done anything similar? What should the next prompt be? 🙂


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2016 review and 2017 hopes


So xmas has been and gone, presents all unwrapped, food enjoyed and where the year is nearly over people all over start reflecting. I for one have also reflected on this year and I have done many things such as:

  1. Giving birth to Will
  2. Passing level 2 BSL
  3. Reopening this blog
  4. Made an fb page
  5. Participated in my first NanoWriMo
  6. Started a new story


So next year I have put my wishes into catagorys and for writing my list is:

  1. Finish at least one story (first draft)
  2. More author interviews
  3. Read more genres

The others are things such as:

  1. Move house
  2. Get married (Aug 1st)
  3. Pass level 3 BSL
  4. Go for some runs
  5. Try other crafts

That is only a glimpse :p its a long list lol

Busy times but want to make more time for writing and to be more organised with blog and fb posts 🙂 but in reality I can only try…..

I will start sorting out the layout of this blog and maybe merge the two blogs?? What do you think?

This year has been great overall and im very happy that I reopened this blog after a 3 year break 🙂 I cannot believe how fast it has also gone! This time last year I got engaged and announcing that we were expecting- now he is nearly 6 months old!! (Currently having sleepy cuddle while I type this- and Jess is taking many pictures on her new camera) I have also “met” some lovely new bloggers/authors and fb buddies 🙂

So how was 2016 for you? What do you want for 2017?




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Cover Reveal- Custom Chaos

Cover Reveal -Custom Chaos by James Salsido


Last night I participated in James’s online cover reveal party and it was really fun (and my first cover party). It had a host of lovely authors lined up to talk about their books and announce giveaways (I won a signed book by Lyman 😀 )- authors were  Michelle Schlorb, Lyndsey Harper, E.H. Demeter, Alizabeth Lynn, Lyman Rate, Daqri Bernardo, Lenny Montgomery, Trey Mcintosh, Angie Grigaliunas and Layne Calry.


Custom Chaos is where The World Force needs an artificial intelligence, so they issue a challenge to the planet’s virtual reality gaming community. The best game AI will win the creators an enormous cash prize. An ambitious team of developers accept the challenge, but they soon discover a terrible secret; the World Force is hiding something big from the public at large…and the drive behind the challenge is simple. Fear.


This book is different from superhero books due to the fact that the characters don’t consider themselves superheroes, or even heroes at all, most of the time. They’re just thrust into a whole new situation, and then into a radically changed world that used to be their own, and they spend most of the book dealing with these changes.


The book took a year to produce and all started from something that doesn’t exist today as it did back in the 90’s; Saturday morning cartoons. James was visiting his cousin, and was fascinated by the idea of people having powers. They wanted to make their own story on the subject so came up with their own angle and over the years it went from there – he then took the original idea and came up with a new plot. A sequel is in the making J


Custom Chaos will be out Feburary 2017!


Link to James facebook page:

Cover art done by Jennifer Demeter 🙂


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Nano week 4 and snippet!


So December is now here and it means the end of this years nano! My 1st and cant wait to do it again and see if I can beat this years word count (dreadful due to many things happening that month) my total was 5,349 but better than 0! It has got me writing again and met lovely people and participated in sprints 🙂 was alot of fun.

Here is a snippet from the nano attempt- let me know what you think (raw and unedited):

“So what got you into dragon keeping- you’re a natural I must add as Spartus doesn’t usually take kindly to new people” she smiled

She was genuinely interested as most don’t stay long at the job or even apply at all- they are very few and far between- the last guy sadly died as he got caught in a fight between two dragons and was set alight- the burnt smell of flesh took weeks to go.

She waited for his response and could sense he was wrestling a thought or two and decided that maybe she pushed the boundary

“Sorry I should not have asked” she said quietly



Now I can focus on the other WIPS as well as the nano one as I like mutlitasking and cannot really focus on one thing only 😛


How was your nano? Did you win? How far did you get?

Thanks for reading!


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Nano week 3

So im now only writing when I can – I am happy to say im over 5k in the novel- something if I didnt participate it would have taken longer to reach 🙂

I am writing everyday as started the 30 day gratitude challenge and writing in my journal 🙂 this week Jess had fever/ear infection and I too was unwell so that was all I could manage 😦

I have decided to combine both blogs into one facebook page to make it easier to update- thinking of also combining the blogs…..

Anyway quick update from me- Will at somepoint this week put up a snippet from nano 😛

Lets see if this last week I can get near to 10k?????



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Nano week 2

So I have fallen behind on word count and know I wont catchup but I will keep going and see how far I get 🙂 It has helped me concentrate on writing more and helped me connect with others so I am glad I have joined in 🙂

Im near 5,000 words 😛 find it hard to fit in time while doing lots of other things and dont want to get overwhelmed with it again so im not going to pressure myself or will loose the wanting to write feeling (and it took 3yrs to get it back!)

My fiancee 3d printed me a mini dragon- and it helps me to write as I look at him and think ahh I should write something 🙂 Spartus is now my good luck charm 😛 Cute isnt he?


Anyway im happy with where the story is going and the progress im making- maybe next year will “win” nano on the word count but have “won” in other ways 🙂

This picture sums up how I feel today though!


How is your  nano coming along?


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Week 1 of Nano



So already a week has passed! I have not wrote anything new for few days as life got in the way -so now im not sure if I will hit the word count but its the taking part and actually writing that counts 🙂  I have written 3,353 words so far of my WIP2 🙂 Its getting the time to write  (mainly naps or evenings but then im revising BSL linguistics- so all multitasking here!) and thinking of what to write as had what I think was (and could still be) writers block! Have a blank page but not sure how to get it all down! Thinking I should of planned more but then the story goes somewhere I didnt expect it to go so not sure if it would have helped….

I am loving all the group participation and events (daily sprints etc) and just the atmosphere of it all is helping me 🙂 Also seeing others how they are getting on with it is nice to see and gets me motivated (kinda!)

So quick update from me 🙂 So in the words of Dory:


How is your nano going if you are joining in?


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So it begins….

Its November! Its here – Nano has arrived!


Was up alot last night with William bless as he is teething badly atm but I did see it in with nanoessex online group (once he was asleep but I was wide awake)

Feel like a zombie but I have hit the target for today 😀 happy days! Done it all while he was napping on me hehe


Happy I am finally doing this as been wanting to join in for years (facebook timehop 4 years ago showed me this saying next year will join in :P) Well 4 years later and 1st day done!

How is your nano going if you are participating?

Many thanks for reading



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