The Fairy-Godmothers Events Agency- (Draft) extract of my bookie :P

So i have written 519 words so far but here is a little bit of it (and this is only a draft) 😛

The Fairy-Godmothers Events Agency

“This one has just become available” the estate agent said with a slightly too eager tone

Ruby wondered if this time this was the “one” – it looked reasonable from the outside, an end of terrace travel agency with charming Charles Dickens bay type windows, but then again the others looked passable from the outside as well- still it looked promising. She and Penny have been in search for months and the places they viewed never lived up to their expectations.

Ruby pushed her blonde hair out of her face and looked at the detail sheet that she printed off the night before for the seventeenth time- unfortunately it had no pictures but it was the location that caught her eye. It took a while to persuade Penny to view it as she never trusted property’s that had no pictures, as if the landlord had something to hide.

…………………………………….. 😛


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