Chapter 2 extract (draft)

(This will be chapter 2, i will put extract of chapter 1 but it needs more work done.)

                                             Chapter 2

Nathan could not believe he asked it- that main question, what was he thinking? Sure they have been together for two years now but it started to get one sided, all about Lisa and now he has made it worse. He was corned and pressured into asking that question- given an ultimatum, and sure he did not want to loose her so gave in and now he is standing in a shop that takes your money for a bit of rock to be shown off to her fellow friends and like a peacock in mating season.

He needed some air, he felt suffocated. Lisa is still browsing and trying on rings that are bigger than his wage packet.

“Lisa hun im going to grab a coffee next door, do you want anything?” he asked uneasily

“Why are you leaving now? Don’t you want to be here? Its supposed to be a couples thing? I cannot do this on my own!” said an angry response from the other side of the room

Nathan started to get embarrassed at the looks the lady behind the counter is giving him

“Love we have been here for over an hour and I need a drink” not mentioning he wished it to be something stronger

“Fine- don’t be long and no I don’t want anything I want to watch my weight- so should you. Don’t you come back with a croissant or anything!” she ordered


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