Chapter 2 (draft 1)

Chapter 2


Nathan could not believe he asked it- that main question, what was he thinking? Sure they have been together for two years now but it started to get one sided, all about Lisa and now he has made it worse. He was corned and pressured into asking that question- given an ultimatum, and sure he did not want to loose her so gave in and now he is standing in a shop that takes your money for a bit of rock to be shown off to her fellow friends and like a peacock in mating season.


He needed some air, he felt suffocated. Lisa is still browsing and trying on rings that are bigger than his wage packet.


“Lisa hun im going to grab a coffee next door, do you want anything?” he asked uneasily


“Why are you leaving now? Don’t you want to be here? Its supposed to be a couples thing? I cannot do this on my own!” said an angry response from the other side of the room


Nathan started to get embarrassed at the looks the lady behind the counter is giving him


“Love we have been here for over an hour and I need a drink” not mentioning he wished it to be something stronger


“Fine- don’t be long and no I don’t want anything I want to watch my weight- so should you. Don’t you come back with a croissant or anything!” she ordered


He didn’t need to be told twice, his feet moved faster than an Olympic runner. He breathed in the sharp cool air as he made his way to the coffee shop.


He hoped there would be a que, but as he walked in, he was disappointed to see that there wasn’t, only a girl that looks to be ordering a lot of croissants. The strong aromas of coffee learked around the shop making its presence know and warming up the early risers that looked like mostly students gathering before their lectures began.


The small shop was cosy, better than those big chain stores- he was all for supporting local businesses. He wished he could stay here all day- like the students that have set up home getting their laptops out.  He knew it wouldn’t be the only shop he will be dragged into that day and it was only 9:30.


Nathan snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a voice asking if he wanted to go ahead to order as they had to go and make some more. He probably looked like an idiot standing there staring into space.


“Oh no take your time, im in no hurry! Why you feeding an army?” he asked as he noticed the girl looked more his age than anyone else in the room.


She smiled and gave out a sweet chuckle


“It feels like it, but then again maybe im just hungry”


She then turned back to the counter to collect her coffee she must have ordered with the batch of croissants. He took this time to slowly take her in, not sure as to why he was.


If she was hungry he thought, god knows where it goes! Noting her slim figure and small height, no wonder why he passed her off as a student before. The blonde hair that looks like it is starting to curl at the ends made her look older.


She turned back towards him


It was the eyes that caught his attention, one green one blue with the longest eyelashes he had ever seen- amazing.


“So, you look either tired or stressed- missing your caffeine fix?” she asked


Somehow he did not want to talk about what awaits him at the shop of horrors, here it felt like a vacation from the frost.


“Something like that, or maybe I wanted a croissant, but I see you have taken all the stock”


He then regretted the humour as he noticed she looked taken aback


“I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to sound rude, was meant to be a joke- its been one of those days already” he said sadly


“Ahh i know what you mean” she softly replied


“Here take one, honest” she said as the guy gave her the box over the counter


She passed him the box, the warmth radiated out from it and the smell made his stomach grumble


Taken aback he politely refused, remembering bridzillas orders.


“Well I hope the coffee fixes whatever it is that’s making you feel down”


And with that she thanked the guy, turned back to him, smiled and walked out the shop.


He was actually sad to see that stranger leave, maybe it was the only kind conversation he has had in a while or maybe her sweetness made him feel like he could chat to her for ages. Either way he snapped back into reality and ordered an espresso.


Walking back with the cup of liquid goodness that he prayed will get him through the rest of the day, he opened the shop door.


“Finally, what took you so long?” an impatient voice called out


Lisa walked towards him and eyed up the espresso.


“Ooh that for me- thanks!” she said snatching it out of his hands before he could reply


“I found the ring! You like?” she mentioned in a you-are-buying-it-anyway kind of voice


Nathan walked up to the sparkly counter like he was walking death row- and of course the ring she chose sparkled the brightest due to its size and price.


4 Responses to Chapter 2 (draft 1)

  1. Poonam says:

    Ooooo like it….so that’s Ruby in the coffee shop then? And Nathan the fiancé dun dun dun….awesome! Love it! Wana read more 🙂 love the way u were describing of the bridzilla in the ring shop and the way the fiancé was feeling hehe 🙂 good work Jen! Can’t wait for the next chapter. One thing tho hun…some spelling checks, but the story is great so far 🙂

  2. Dabir says:

    An awesome draft jenny, i really like it hun, well done very well done

  3. Well done. Good luck with it.

  4. Faye Roberts says:

    Very good Jenny, well done. You are a talented writer xx

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