Update :)

So it’s been a while and to be fair I’m not sure where this direction of the blog will go but for now it will be where I post my crafts.

I have done no writing at all as nothing has come to me. Maybe because I have been focusing on me and my family. I’m decluttering and starting the minimaliish slow living approach. I’m more eco focused and wanting to do more for living a eco friendly lifestyle (maybe I might blog about what I have learnt etc) I have started a list for this month of all things I have decluttered so far so it will be interesting to see how much stuff will be out of the house!

I have the past year been more aware of what plastics to recycle after watching Drowning in Plastic and Jess and I have gone on various litterpicking sessions. Once lockdown has finished we hope to help out with a beach clean. Another good documentary on YouTube is called 50 minutes to save the world- all about the decline in coral reefs and it was a massive eye opener! We have started saving crisp packets too so I can deliver them to our nearest terracycle centre (take a look to see your nearest one) every little bit is better than nothing.

I have also setup a Facebook page called Just one square where the me and the community knit or crochet squares for me to sew into a blanket for either the homeless or for animal charity’s (also twiddle muffs for dementia patients) which has also kept me busy! As well as baby cardi s for friends! If you want to join in the project please head over to the page 🙂

I have also (told you I have been busy) started my discernment process as I felt a calling to become a vicar- a lot of soul searching and reading. So what with that and halfway through my course in Christian studies taking time I have not had much brain power for writing. There is ALOT of things to do and will take upto 18months to get to a stage where the BAP (Bishops Advisory Panel) will either recommend you for training or not (then 2 years training at a college) maybe a blog updates on this?

I have restarted yoga and colouring in to wind down or relax in these stressful times.

But I feel complete and myself- for ages I have been trying to find my identity (apart from the important one -a mummy!) and slowing down on social media has helped me have more time to do the things I enjoy.

Love gardening – such an anxiety relief

So I’m not sure of where this blog will be heading but for now that’s a quick update from me.

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