Basil DIY Toner

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog!

So many things/shifts have been happening while I took a long break from the blog (many posts to follow on all these things) but first I want to share with you a quick and refreshing toner using basil leaves!

I have been more conscious using eco friendly cleaners (made my own and again post on this soon) but I had a few basil leaves from pruning the plant and thought about skin care as recently getting spots from stress and mask wearing… so thought how about make my own? So first up a toner! What was there to loose? I have been growing the same plant for over two years now 🙂

Basil has always been known for its detoxifying properties. It is full of mild antibacterial compounds and following are its skin benefits.

1)Helps battle acne-prone skin

2)Fades dark spots

3) Soothes skin

4) Brightens complexion

5) Unclogs pores

So after a few times trying this -it actually is making my spots go down and my skin feel so fresh!

Basil toner recipe

Few fresh basil leaves

1 cup boiling water

I only had a few so used a small bowl

That’s it! Add basil to the cup or small bowl and press lightly to release the oils. Leave to cool down and transfer into a bottle (I use a spray bottle from an old face mist) then pop in fridge. Will last for 7 days and spray onto a cotton cloth when need.

Next up will try basil and cucumber scrub that I found the recipe for.

Let me know if you try this. Do you have any eco friendly recipes either cleaning or skin care?

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2 Responses to Basil DIY Toner

  1. Cool thanks for sharing.

  2. I will try this , so simple and it uses home ingredients

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