Book Review- Murder In The Choir by Liz Hedgecock

Books Description:

When Pippa Parker joins the village choir, she doesn’t expect anyone to die… No-one thinks the death of a soprano is anything but a tragic accident; everyone in the choir is too busy rehearsing for SingFest UK. With no help from the police, Pippa must investigate alone. If anyone finds out what she is up to, she risks losing both her friends and the respect of the local community. And speaking of friends, what on earth does best friend Lila see in her new man? Murder in the Choir is the second book in the Pippa Parker cozy mystery series, set in and around the English village of Much Gadding.

Book Review:

I enjoyed getting back into Pippas life and how this book easily flowed from the last one (and this could be a stand alone in itself). A good fast read where I again failed in knowing who done it (but when you go over it to find the clues it’s then more obvious!)

Looking forward to reading more from this series and see what else Pippa gets upto!

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