Camp Nano and July Goal Wrap Up

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting this blog πŸ™‚

1st of August already!! Camp nano is now finished till next year – so how did I do?

Pull up a chair and sit by the nearly burnt out campfire with what’s left of the marshmallows (sorry I have eaten lots- especially the pink ones!) and I will tell you πŸ˜‰

I started well then halfway hit a block (plus busy with Williams birthday and my own) for only to then get a big burst of flare (thanks to other creative outlets) to finish!!

I participated in a live YouTube word sprint on the last day and that helped me get down 557 words in an hour πŸ™‚

What has camp taught me? To try and outline and plan more as I can’t keep just waiting for an image of a scene to pop in my head as it’s all jumbled! This worked for a while but this last week has shown that I need to step back and properly organise this story before going back to writing it.

But camp has helped me push the story forward so that is a win in itself πŸ™‚

In other news- three years ago today my first piece of writing got published!! So much has happened since!!!

I’m awaiting to see if my latest story will be included in the paranormal anthology- so nervous all this waiting and rechecking emails πŸ˜€

July goals I have read more (finished 2 books) but also:

– Sort our the main characters and pick one main for the series – do character profile etc

Yes (abit) but still picking her name – got it down to two now! (Took a week to name both our kids) so hopefully it will just standout!

– Edit Phobia for magazine.

Not even touched it yet – goal for this month I think.

– Focus on one WIP and write, write, write!

Yes have definitely done this!

– Read 2 chapters of manga

Yes have read two more chapters and really liking the story so far.

– x4 blog posts.

Yes finished this πŸ™‚

– Start second draft of Dino Will.

Nope 😦

And of course finish Camp! πŸ˜€

Big yes!

So not bad with the goals πŸ™‚ I will be writing my August goals and will post it soon.

So how did you do with camp nano? Your goals? Setting any for this month??


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