July Goals

Hello everyone- how is it July already!! 100 days of lockdown too!!! How are we all doing??

So it’s been a while since I set some goals! I didn’t set any for June and so I don’t feel as if I have been productive 😦 I love lists!

But I have now come up with an idea – instead of a short story collection to now turn it into a series!!! How things develop! 😀 So I guess June was productive? 😉

Happy Camp Nano for anyone joining in btw 🙂 How has the time flown since last Camp?!

It’s given me a kick to write down goals again so here it is:

– Sort our the main characters and pick one main for the series – do character profile etc

– Edit Phobia for magazine

– Focus on one WIP and write, write, write!

– Read 2 chapters of manga

– x4 blog posts

– Start second draft of Dino Will

And of course finish Camp! 😀

Let’s see what gets done…..

What are your goals for the month?

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