Happy Publication Day!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Happy publication day!!!

So today is the release of the sci fi two volume anthology books where two of my stories are featured in. 😀

It’s such a buzz seeing them go from idea to print! 🙂 I am slowly learning how to edit and still feels surreal seeing my name on the back.

It is now available on Amazon (on kindle- Paperback to follow shortly).

Happy dance 😀 I loved working on the two stories and I’m so happy to be a part of these books and featuring alongside amazing authors!

The journey from an idea to print is amazing (also the mix of emotions that go with it) make it so worth it- hard work, stress, relief, anxiety but also the smile when someone has read your story and liked it or it gets accepted to be published- it really is a mix bag of emotions!

“The universe—vast, unknown, mysterious, existing as a playground of imagination. From aliens older than time itself, an archaeological dig that portends the fate of Earth, a sentient planet, developing races, colonization, a world fighting for its existence, these and more stories await you within the Dimensions of Science Fiction. Join the authors from Writers Unite! as they take you on a voyage across the universe.”

If you read it and enjoyed it please leave a review 🙂

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