Garden Diary- June 2020

Hello and welcome to the blog!

Some big changes this month! First of all after 3 years my blackberry plant is blooming!!!

Then the Xmas cactus after sooooo many years bloomed a flower!

The tomato’s and cucumbers are doing well and we finally got some peas!!!

Tiny cucumber

Jess lavender is growing well

We have raspberries!!!

Ladybird visiting

The geranium cuttings are doing well!

So here is a pic of what it was like when we moved in over 3 years ago

And on the 14th June 2020

Loving the slow transformation 🙂

Since my geranium cuttings have gone well I thought I would try rose cuttings next!

I also took some sage cuttings 😉

So I got a bunch of roses that were reduced to 90p and then added some of our purple erysimums from our garden to add more pop! 🙂

I was so happy to look around my local garden centre the other day- felt back to normal and of course I brought some plants 😉

I have also started to sell some spare plants 🙂 first up are tomatoes and peppers

The buddlejas are blooming!

Beautiful purples 😀

I can’t believe this blog section is now over a year old! I love documenting the garden and looking forward to seeing more changes and blooms!

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