Garden Diary -May 2020

Hello and thanks for visiting this months garden diary!

Here is the wonderful pineapple broom plant from the start of the month to the end! It smells so yummy too hint of pineapple!

Mr stump has finally been removed!!!

And deweeding the area has started!

Curry plant is now next to the bench πŸ™‚
Repotted the cucumber at the start of the month
It’s grown!

Moved the herbs as most didnt like the shady area and now replaced it with the sandpit!

I also pruned my indoor basil and made dried basil

The Rose shrub has started to bloom and form lots of buds!

Also Matty build a firepit!

The geranium cutting is growing!

The snap dragons I planted last year has grown!

My ever growing veg patch! πŸ˜‰

This time last year we done the first border

How it’s changed!

So this month a lot done in the garden! Since lockdown still on and gorgeous weather why not!

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  1. Oh, your garden is so beautiful!!

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