Nanowrimo 2019 Update (Week 3)


Sorry for no update last week 😦 so will catchup here 🙂

So last week total word count on day 14 was 8,213 – I didn’t get round to writing much just bits here and there then this week my family and I got hit with the sickness bug 😦 but just started to get back into serious writing again in the last few days (and joined in on a live sprint on Instagram that helped kick start it again and I even managed at the end of the day 1,436 words)

But today I hit 10k Yep 10k!!!!

So so happy as that was my goal to go further this time and I have 🙂 I doubt will win the 50k nanowrimo goal -but to me this is a win and now to see how much further I go!

Nice to see that badge!!

Now to treat myself haha (any milestone hit I aimed to treat myself- but what? At 5k I got some new notepads)

Do you treat yourself after a milestone? How’s your nano coming along??


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