Garden Diary- September

So our local garden centre was closing down 😦 50% off everything so we got a new parosel and I got a rose shrub 🙂 (was £12-then £7 so got for £3.50!)

Woop! The went back as they then had 70% off so got all this:

Also fixed the greenhouse and moved it back to its original place (as when I moved it it got blown down many times in the gales but original place stayed where it was!)

Tree stump progress too! This was end of last month:

Sunflowers have got very big! This was at the start of last month big as Jess:

Then it got taller than me at the middle of the month but now its touching the tree!!

Big max (or not so big) was starting to turn orange!!

The marigolds and Zinnias are blooming now

Tomatoes are growing so well already given one bag to parents and another to mum-in-law and still have two bags left and so made chutney and the other bag for salads 🙂

Planted two more plants and tidied up the rockery

Then planted the other hydrangea (Tardiva) Pumpkin at the middle of the month-slowly ripping in time for Halloween

I decided to tidy up the tomato jungle (the cherry tomatoes are a bush variety and know not supposed to prune) but it was looking untidy and so took hours

That was midway and this was the end result

I also planted an Aster and Armenia next to the tree as well as another buddleja (purple nanho)

So that was September 🙂

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