Fork Biccys

Hello everyone! I’m back with a recipe šŸ˜‰

Thought I would share a very quick biccy recipe I saw and can’t get enough of since!

I have made a few batches and even chocolate ones šŸ™‚ all gluten free of course and only three ingredients too!


150g soft butter

50g sugar

100g plain flour


1) Mix all together – sugar and butter first or all at once doesn’t really matter (if wet then add abit more flour in till dough)

2) Put a small amount on baking sheet (optional -flatten with a fork to make an impression)

3) Put in oven at 160 for 10mins

Depending on how much extra flour you use it either comes out abit crumbly and raised (see chocolate pic) or flat and buttery (see second pic) if prefer flat and buttery then put four on a sheet as they will spread!

Have a go and play around – add coconut or coco etc for a mix!

Great for a quick sugar or snack fix and great to dunk in a cuppa! Simple recipe and fun creating own flavours šŸ™‚

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