Writing Resources

Hello everyone!

So I have been thinking of what resources you use when it comes to writing?

I have lots of notepads- one upstairs on my bedside cabinet for any dreams or ideas I have in the middle of the night (tried writing a few times in the dark- was fun deciphering it the next day) one downstairs (pink) for writing any scenes that come to mind and then one I take everywhere I go (mini blue) so I can write down blog ideas, good words I like, conversations and any wip ideas.

I have a few writing books to help with prompts and useful words and advice but that is it really!

I’m thinking of a binder with sections for all my WIPs and notes for them as most of them I have all handwritten then typed up!

Laptop is barely working now so saving for a new one 😦

I see some people have vision boards so have created a Pinterest one for now but will make a mini motivation one as I tend to let my confidence slip when writing so it will help for the low days!

So anything else I could do/add to the resources? What helps you? Any good tips?


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