Camp Nano- Week 4

Hello everyone 🙂

So the end is near! Last week of nano – it’s gone so quick! But guess what? I won!!!!

2nd year now I have finished it 😀 so happy!

This week I wrote 1,172 words and completed my 5k goal.

I really enjoyed it this time as I interacted more in the cabin and participated in a virtual write in 🙂

Now I can relax for the few remaining days of camp- maybe roast some marshmallows over the fire or have a camp sing song… maybe take the canoe out 😀

Or start typing it all up :s I handwritten it all (nearly finished both sci fi stories due in June-just hope at least one of them gets picked to be published)

I do feel I’m writing everyday and will try to keep this routine going 🙂

How’s your camp progress?

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