Garden Diary- April

This month has been a busy one for the garden!

The rockery at the front has progressed! The Alyssums have bloomed giving a nice yellow colour to the greenery 🙂


The saxifarge has also started to bloom!

I treated myself to some red and white geraniums and repotted them into two pots- one for the front and one for the back garden. Also got some Bleeding Hearts that I will plant in the next few weeks.


I finally cleared the white bag we had at the bottom of the garden for months! Then it got refilled then cleared again!

The greenhouse plants are growing well- even the chillies!!!IMG_6320.jpg

The raspberry is flowering and the potatoes are growing 😀


Jess and Will helped with some gardening and planted some cosmos and mixed flowers 🙂 oh and Big Max the pumpkin (Wanted to have our own this year)

55480183_10156132962491218_3671440372216627200_nIMG_6424 (1).jpg

The big news though is that we have a new fence!!!!! 😀 😀IMG_5372IMG_5482

Then Hubby and Bro-in-law have started digging out the big stump in the far corner from the old tree we took down last year.

I cleared out most of the border of the new fence so we can start planting 🙂


I have started to repot the tomatoes and sown some Rocket, Chard and Lettuce. I have also created an instagram account for all things gardening! Its called Jennys Garden Adventures 🙂

I got digging and dug out some mini stumps and roots- still many more left but its looking clearer.

Hubby planted some garlic late last year and we finally harvested it the other day and used it in our Bolognaise 😀

Phew alot has happened this month! Love that Spring is now here and have many more exciting things planned 😀


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  1. Wow that is a lot of hard work there. Looks good. You must be so happy, it is such a task.

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