Camp Nano- Week 2

So this week I have done well- im nearly half way through the short story and added bits to my other WIPS 🙂

I have for the short story wrote it all so far in my notebook- first time I have hand written a story (just hope can understand my awful writing to copy onto laptop)

The other day I wrote the most words in one sitting 😀


So this weeks total is: 1,080 words

Overall total is: 2827 words

So far so good! Need to keep going as im starting to feel that whatever I write is rubbish and losing the fizz of the story/plot holes to sort out in the other WIPs- but something is better than nothing and that’s what editing is for!

I am hopefully next month going to a writers meetup! So excited to meet fellow local authors 😀

Also next month im in a blog tour for a new book release!- more to follow soon 😀

Right im off to explore camp/roast marshmallows and do some book research!

Hows your nano coming along?


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