Camp Nano- Week 1

So after last camps success I thought to do it again this year 😀


I started with a new WIP I had a few weeks ago (Another murder mystery) but then Writers Unite announced a new call for submissions for a sci fi anthology- and so this project has then taken over camp nano!

Still thinking of a title but so far I am enjoying the story and even though had a few plot holes they quickly got resolved.

Week 1 has been good with the word count so far and now halfway through the short story 😀 The cabin I am in so far has been very chatty and fun too!

Day 1 I had my 3 monthly infusion but it didnt stop me from putting some word down.


Word count for this week: 1,461 so far

Would have been more but the last two days had alot on and anxiety issues didnt help – plus lots to sort out before the fence company tomorrow!

Looking forward to seeing what progress next week will be!

Are you doing camp nano this year? How are you finding it?


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