Garden Diary

So I thought because I share my other hobbies of baking and gardening on my page but blog more baking and writing I had an idea of once a month diary of what I get up to with the garden 😀


So here is the 1st entry!

What I have done this month – MARCH

I started half of my seeds- Tomato, Cherry Tomato, X2 chilli (Cheyenne and Jalapeno), Garden Peas, Cucumber (Crystal Lemon), Pepper, Parsley, Coriander, Basil, Strawberry, Sunflower, Potatoes, Nasturtium and Snap dragons. I started them off on the windowsill then once germinated moved to the greenhouse- yep thats right I treated myself to a 3 propagators and makeshift greenhouse 😀 It survived the Gale we had!


I also trimmed all the herbs and brought another raspberry cane so now have two 🙂 I brought some daffodils and repotted them as thought have annual in pots and perennial in the ground….

We booked in for a new fence next month so started cutting down the foliage – plus its where I want my flowers/ veg patch 😛

Williams apple seeds are growing nicely- wasnt sure if they would take but they did!


The Garden peas are now needing support so made a little bamboo triangle. I will put some netting on them too as just bamboo wont help.

The potatoes are doing very well (started last month) and one pot is now up to the top and cannot top up and cover with more soil now…


We also made a bee drinking station 😀


Here are the crystal lemon seeds- only two of six have grown so far…IMG_3872


Corriander looking good!

I have learnt lots this month -more soil if a plant gets leggy (top it up to the first set of leaves) and that after the 2nd “true” leaves that is when you can repot into bigger pots or into the ground. Its my first time growing tomatoes from seed! For potatoes I learnt to leave them until sprouts come off them (chitting) then cover with little soil- topping up each time see leaves until top of the pot (~they are now!)

Also if you gently stroke the plant it makes their stems stronger as they think they are in the wind! 😀

Loving the full up greenhouse! IMG_3871




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