Matty Birthday Cake

Wow its been over a month since I baked his cake! I set myself a challenge this year to start learning how to decorate cakes better- so hubbys birthday was the first to try some techniques….

He loves WWE/RAW and so I wanted to try a wrestling cake! (normally he has a choc cake with some sort of choc icing) but wanted to try royal icing and the buttercream coating with a square cake!

So I baked a normal sponge cake (gluten free) then once cooled I made up the butter cream and coated it all over then put it in the fridge for 2-3hours so it can set. Never done this before but it helps smooth the icing over it (and helps it to stick) and make it less bumpy.


While it was in the fridge I painted some spaghetti in black and took some black fondant to make the corners of the net.

Once the coating was dry I covered it in royal icing – smoothing as I went along and cut off the skirt (rest I used for the writing)


The tricky part was the net construction as the spaghetti kept breaking- then some icing sugar got onto the black background and wouldnt come off.

Then it still looked unfinished until I put ribbon around it (ran out of red)

Here was the finished cake:


It went down well 😀

Learnt alot and hope to incorporate into the next big cake!


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