Hello everyone 🙂

The other day (luckily before the bottom oven broke) I tried out two of the baking tips from my book I got at Xmas (Oh and my new piping set)

1- I didnt have any self raising flour (as you know im coeliac so every recipe or baking I do I use Gluten Free) They have not had any in stock for a few weeks now and one supermarket has stopped selling them. So I used Plain flour then used two tablespoons of baking powder

2- Used an ice cream scoop to transfer the mix to each case

The result was great! They all rised well and were all even 😀 I was very happy that they worked!50312663_2171887389728618_8607800595094437888_n

I then made two lots of frosting- Pink buttercream and the other Chocolate cream cheese.


The buttercream frosting I used one nozzle which I think was more for writing, the second I used a rose type nozzle.


I tried to drizzle with homemade caramel but it should have been warmed beforehand as it was stiff to work with.

So a nice quick late night baking practise!

Question: Do you like cupcakes in a dome shape or flat? This debate popped up on one of my facebook baking groups


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1 Response to Cupcakes

  1. Dome shape definitely! They look so good!

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