New Year Goals

Hello everyone!

So 1st week gone already- how has it been for you? I actually wrote last night (318 words) but its a start!



I have also thought of some goals for this year:

  • Finish one of my WIP’S
  • Write for another anthology
  • Blog more
  • Start writing a recipe book
  • Crochet a writing blanket (attempt)
  • Finish temp blanket
  • Decorate a birthday cake properly (I can bake but cant decorate well)
  • Visit some expos
  • Make more jams and chutneys (one day in future to sell?)
  • Grow more edible plants

That is a few of them anyway 😛 Be interesting to see what ones I get done. Reading I will take my time as last year I set a goal of a certain amount and it actually started to stress me out and not want to enjoy reading – so stopped and only started reading again but wont pressure myself again (for any goals as after all they are only a guide)

One thing I have been focusing on during the Christmas holiday is to blog more of my baking journey as I love putting the recipes up- I love writing, taking photos and baking so all in one! So a separate section on baking will happen I think….

I also want to grow some fruit and veg as this year we are properly designing the garden now the grass has grown back from the neglect from previous owner- so will log their journey too on the baking side of it!

Crafts are going well I picked up the crochet hook the other day when felt poorly- and managed to create something 😀


A bookmark 😛

I have nearly finished another month of the temp blanket! 4 of 12- 8 more to go!

So thats some of plans put onto paper (or blog) How about you? what would you like to do this year?


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