Gluten Free Mince Pies

Hello everyone 😀

So even though its the start of January I still class it as the Christmas holidays till tomorrow when Jess goes back- so why not share my attempts and recipe of the festive mince pie!

So I have never made pastry before- shock! I have grown up knowing how to bake cakes and biccys- but i was never shown how to make pies of sort.

So my 1st attempt I didnt use enough flour so it ended up looking like this:

48926421_10155929350086218_7232081849600704512_n (1)

But on second go the pastry turned out well (like shortbread and knead very quickly) and was actually pleased that it looked like a mince pie and tasted crumbly delicious!


So here is the recipe I used (this is from the goodfoods site) adapted by using gluten free flour


350g Gluten Free Plain Flour

250g Butter

100g Sugar


1 egg

Icing sugar to dust


1- Make the pastry by rubbing butter, flour and sugar together

2- Roll into a ball and use a size of your palm take it and press down into the tin

3- Spoon a tablespoon of mincemeat into each pie

4- Take a smaller amount of the pastry and pat it between your hands to make the lid

5- Place on top and brush a beaten egg onto it

6- Bake for 20 mins at 180


They will keep for 3 days in a container 🙂


The only problem was getting them out the muffin tins- I used a pallet knife to wedge them out- next time will use a case!

Now I can bake them it will be an all year round bake instead of just for Christmas 🙂



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