Happy New Year!

So as I sit here with a cuppa, Trolls on in the background and cuddled up next to Jess and Will I look back on 2018 with (mostly) fond memories:

It was the year Jess broke her collarbone (the only really really low point of the year- had a few down days here and there though)

It was the year my poem and short stories got published into three anthologies

It was the year I left my teaching job 

It was the year we started decorating the house (only jess room atm but we did take down the two massive trees) 

It was the year I took up gardening and grew tomatoes

It was the year I tried new recipes such as Chutney, Butter, Garlic Bread, Lemon Drizzle, Pumpkin Cake, chocolate truffle etc..

I tried some new things such as crochet (finally), Usborne and studied some new things such as photography, violin, accounting…..(and will study other things next year- more to follow) 

We have had snow back in February which was fun having a  few family snow days- made an Easter Cake and went on a Easter egg hunt, Finished Camp Nano, made some paper flowers, Jess had her first sleepover, Jess turned 6 and Will 2 and they met batman and maui/moana and cinderella.

Diagnosed with osteoporosis – knowing that health is vital like family and we take it for granted at times

Me and matty celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary by going France for the day,  and in between the days involved lots of messy fun and some knitting….. oh and Jess going up reading levels and William saying new words. A new WIP idea expanded and many author interviews done….





48403006_10155932642911218_2741460561131732992_nAnd breathe…

This year has been “quiet” unlike 2017 (wedding and moved house) so it was welcome 😀 Those are just a few things this year ive done- I started to concentrate more on the blog too and made an Instagram page for it – also got to follow some great bakers and authors because of it.

This year my blog views have overtaken last year- to this date I have had 1, 136 views with 167 followers and 838 visitors! 😀 Many thanks to you all!!!!

So a summery post really and to remind me that even when the day goes quick- the memories last and to enjoy every bit of it! Jess and Will are growing up so fast and im so luck to be their mummy. I enjoy the days that jess reads to me and seeing her learning lots veryday- cuddles from both without asking and magic of xmas and things like loosing a tooth (jess has now lost 3- 3rd one was actually today) to name a few that I know will be gone when the turn into teenagers (AHHHH)

“12 Chapters, 365 new chances” 

What are your memories of this year? Any plans for 2019? (post to follow)

Enjoy your NYE and have a great New Years Day!




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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.
    I wonder what new things you will be doing in 2019. I shall be following x

  2. Happy new year wishing you happy and healthy 2019

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