No Bake Rocky Road Yule Log Recipe

So today I thought I would share a festive non bake recipe that has become a firm favourite with the family….


Yule Log 😀

But not just any yule log- a Rocky Road inspired one! I found it on the bbc goodfood site and had to give it a go! I adapted the recipe as didnt want to use banana chips etc..

I have made this twice now in a space of a week.


100g Butter

300g Chocolate

100g Golden Syrup

50g Marshmellow

50g Peanuts

100g Biscuits

50g Raisins



1- Melt chocolate, butter and syrup

2- Take off the hob add rest of ingredients- mix well

3- This is slightly tricky but pour onto greaseproof paper and roll up then cover with cling film tightly securing the slides (I suggest let the mix really cool down before pouring so its abit more firm to work with)

4- Set in fridge for 3 hours

5- Melt 100g of choc and pour over log

6- With a fork drag across to make lines

7- Sprinkle with icing sugar

Keep in the fridge but it wont last long 😛



I hope your enjoying my recipes- is there any bakes you want me to try or to add? Let me know!


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