Brandy Snaps Recipe

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good Xmas!

Today I thought I would share the Brandy Snap recipe. A classic, very quick and easy bake to make 🙂

Perfect on its own or dip in melted chocolate and fill with whipped cream!


50g Butter

50g Brown sugar

50g Golden Syrup

50g plain flour

Some people put in 1 tsp brandy for an extra kick but I dont as feel it tastes just as good 🙂


1- Put the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a pan and heat until melted

2- Pour into bowl of the flour and mix

3- Dollop a teaspoon onto baking tray and space well apart as the do spread

4- Cook for 8 mins

5-Leave for a min (no longer or they will set) before shaping- to shape oil a rolling pin and wrap the snap around for few seconds then slide off

6- Transfer to rack to cool and set


And that is it! They make quite a few and I recommend doing them in batches (take one out oven and put next one in) as they cool very quickly and need to work quick to shape them. Dont over cook or they become bitter (dark brown colour and not golden) I put 4 dollops on each baking tray.



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