Crochet Newbie

So last month I started crochet after wanting to try for ages- lets just say im not a natural at it! It feels so different from knitting my spare hand that normally holds another needle is now trying to hold the wool but I must admit its quicker – especially casting on.

Here are my attempts at a granny square:



Here are my other attempts:


Knitting news I have done 14 knitted hats for the big knit and 2 sets of bonding squares for a friend.

I have finished my mug cosy and started knitted santa! 😀

The kids have done some crafty bits but will save that for another post!

What do you prefer- crochet or knitting?


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3 Responses to Crochet Newbie

  1. Wonderful. I am rubbish at both, but they are fun for sure.

    Nice to see your work

  2. Shelah says:

    Practice makes everything better. Keep at it and you will get more satisfied over time. I like both crochet and knitting. I think both offer different textures from their stitches and one actually works better than the other depending on what kind of project it is. I would love to see some more of your work! 🙂

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