Gluten Free KFC

So today I will show you the recipe for gluten free KFC! Tastes yummy and so simple to make.

You will need:

1 egg

1 cup milk

Diced chicken

1 cup gluten free flour (doesnt matter what kind -we use self raising but plain can also do the job)

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon chilli power

1 teaspoon sage

1 teaspoon marjoram

1 teaspoon basil

1 teaspoon pepper

2 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons paprika

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon of onion salt


  1. Combine egg and milk then soak the chicken in it
  2. Add all dry ingredients into a separate bowl
  3. Roll chicken into the flour until covered
  4. Add chicken into the fryer and fry till golden brown
  5. Remove onto a paper towel
  6. Repeat steps till all the chicken has been fried

If you can get Accent (2 tablespoons) then use it as it helps with the flavour combo- but if not it still tastes as nice!

So there you have it- gluten free KFC!




Let me know if you have tried this šŸ™‚


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2 Responses to Gluten Free KFC

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    This does sound yummy, Jenny! We don’t have a fryer, but I’m guessing a deep-enough cast-iron pot/pan would work?

    Thanks for sharing!

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