Hello Hello Hello!



So I have posted a few author interviews lately but not a catchup of what ive been upto so here is another mini blog post on what I have been doing 🙂


Well to anyone following my facebook page would notice a surname change 😛 yep we got married 2 weeks ago (yay) after 18 months of planning the day flew by- but it was amazing (and had best weather all that week) so so happy and still overwhelmed by it all! Now for all the surname changing forms to fill out and to get used to being a Mrs! 😀



We also have been creative as the weather here has been awful so I helped Jess build a puppet theatre and puppets (3 days of entertainment) she loved all the stages from paper mache, painting to performing shows 🙂 great what you can do with a cardboard box (like 2 years ago I made Jess a gingerbread house out of a big cardboard box from when we moved)20708013_10154673989946218_2550804748454712869_n

Usborne books biz is coming along nicely- had a host party which went well and have an online event on Sat so been getting on with this when I can (Lots of books to review!)

Talking of reviews I have created a “to read” list to keep up with all the reviews I will be doing 🙂 slowly getting organised!



I have to redo my BSL presentation exam (boo) would have passed but failed one of the essential criteria so automatic fail if you do- urgh nevermind resit booked and 2nd time lucky fingers crossed! Not signed for a while but practised the other day in a convo with a fellow bsl buddy and the love of the language came back to me so all ready to give it another go 😀

Writing again has taken a backseat but I did submit my fairytale story for the anthology!!!! 😀 😀 (happy dance over here) Deadline has now been extended but happy its been given in and can add if want to (but happy with what I have done) but will now focus on the other WIPS that I have and as of today I now have 4 WIP!! (Ideas going around in my head from seeing a news article- will share more soon) excited to be getting back into writing after horrid writers block

Oh and in other news William can now walk!!!! 😀




Thats all from me atm- tired just writing all that hahaha 😛


What have you been upto this month? 😀

Chat soon!


Thanks for following 🙂



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