Big catchup!

HELLO BLOG! HELLO EVERYONE! Gosh I keep neglecting this blog poor site 😦 dont mean to but life gets other plans! So whats new?


Where do I begin?


So I finished my BSL course (waiting on results) so I now have my Monday evenings free! It was tough but glad I done it 🙂

Last Saturday was (for me) the start of summer holidays (my school packed up a week early then jess and matt) and it was my hen do! We all went on a spa day (never been to one before!)


It was much needed relaxation and took all the stress from last term (and the last week with everyone getting ill) away- never felt so relaxed in my life! I had a treatment (back massage) and we also had afternoon tea!

I didnt want it to end 😦

Monday I had a wedding hair trial (love the style) Tuesday it was my birthday!!!! It was nice and quiet- then Wednesday it was Williams 1st birthday!!!  How he is one already I dont know! He can stand up by himself without pulling or grabbing anything- scary! We went to the town on his birthday with Nanny and had pancakes 😛

The rest of the week was blood tests and writing- Jess last day of foundation year yesterday- how time goes so quick its been a year already! EMOTIONAL! oh and starting up my new Usborne business!


I thought would join as can get many lovely books for Jess and William – plus some for me!

Writing wise I am finally on the editing stage for the fairytale mashup story- and with 8 days to go to submit im cutting it fine! But have fell in love with what I have wrote again as I went through the writers fog/block but can now see the end of it 😀 many sprints later helped me with this 🙂

So that is just last week- in 9 days time we get to say I Do! So its mixed with all the tiny bits of prep between now and then with my final dress fitting tomorrow! 😀

There is always something going on eh? But I do have an author interview to put up (yes I know I keep saying I will -but this time I will :P)

So just an update from me and to say im still here and so is the blog (hard when I cant use wordpress on my phone- would be so handy)

Thankyou for sticking with me!

I hope you all been good and busy? Tell me what last week was for you!

Chat later! (Not to long this time)




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