Fairytale Snippet!

Hello everyone!

So im back working on my fairytale mashup story and thought would give you a raw unedited snippet!

Enjoy 🙂

Cinderella remembered that day and each time she went to sleep she wanted to wake up. She only held her for a few minutes and being young herself she felt for that minute she matured- but her step father had other plans, snatched the little bundle she spent hours getting her into the world -out of her welcoming arms. She knew the girl would bring shame on the family- she felt foolish in how it led to that day but he was handsome and fell for his ways- not knowing what happened to him or where he went- not even a name but left her with a scar and a haunting past.

She wondered what happened to her daughter -where she is now and what did she look like? Did she have blonde hair like herself or aubern like her dad?  Did she even know of her?

Shaking her head from her thoughts she turned and mopped the floor. Soon after she walked out into the fresh air and chucked the bucket that became dirty from all the muddy walks her step father went on. The sun was blazing down and it was the only warmth she was use to as she hardly saw her step sister. Taking her shoes off so her feet can also feel the freedom she went to the chickens humming as she went along.



What do you think? (I love the new cinderella film- great for helping my inspiration)

I have set a goal to write at least 100 words a day to get me back on track for the deadline 🙂

Writers block will be beaten!

Hope everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend! 😀 Any plans?


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