An old memory..

Hello everyone!

Gosh blink and its April! Good job fairytale deadline has moved to July as had no time really with going back to work- moving-bsl exams and wedding prep!  phew…. also didnt have my laptop to hand for a while 😦

So talking of moving when I unpacked a box my very first story I wrote when I was a teenager was hidden inside a book :s brought back many memories of one day possibly selling a book and doing author signings (lol for signings but glimmer of hope for selling one) I called it ” The diary of Lisa Jones” and its written in diary entry form! Might put few snippets of it later in the year for a laugh and to compare my writing style now….


Also found was an old “bucket list”


We are nearly all unpacked and settled- becoming more like home everyday 🙂 Because I have not had laptop I have not been able to complete the author life month on my facebook page :s But im back on blog (again) and have lined up a few things in the next few weeks 🙂 They are:- 3 author interviews, a cover reveal party and snippets for some writing 🙂

I also have an idea for a childrens book but that will be some point down the line 🙂

Right now for a cuppa before some BSL revision….


Thanks for reading and following- say hello and let me know how your week has been! 😛







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1 Response to An old memory..

  1. nice little walk down memory lane. You have a lot of ideas. Well all the best with the exams and writing your books and blog.

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