Balloons so far….

Hello everyone!

This morning I thought I would show you the balloons that I have twisted so far (I began last year in June for Jess birthday- I wanted to make her a dog and a giraffe) and its quite addictive and so much fun!

Here are my collection so far:

We have a giraffe, a monkey, a dog, a poodle and a bunny 🙂

Going to try some more animals and maybe a flower (two balloons) lots of ideas on instagram and pinterest! So many amazing ones that one day I hope to be able to do 🙂


What one would you like to see? Let me know!


Many thanks





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One Response to Balloons so far….

  1. Julie says:

    I remember trying this when my kids were little, I think one of them had a packet or kit or something.
    i also remember it being much more difficult than the professionals make it look so I’m super impressed with what you have achieved here. I think we ended up with a lot of swords or lightsabers!

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