New sketches


So recently I caught the sickness bug and then a cold hence quite around here- but I have also made the decision to merge my blogs together into one creative blog πŸ˜€ yay

This week I have been getting back into drawing mode πŸ™‚ here are my latest drawings:



I really enjoyed going back to drawing and getting creative again! These pictures didnt take long to draw either so I am hoping to do one a day πŸ™‚


Many thanks for being patient and following




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4 Responses to New sketches

  1. Julie says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, it’s nice to cheer you self up when you’re poorly with a little gentle creativity. Your sketches are lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you will share with us on your newly merged blogs.

  2. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    I hope you are feeling better. It seems the bug has caught a lot of us. I really like the sketch of the little girl with her great big eyes.

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