He found the journal on the train…

So before the new year I played a little game on facebook where I start a sentence then everyone writes something to make up a story. In italics were the responses and I finished the rest (or tried to- all raw no edit was made up as I went along)

So here it is:

He found the journal on the train…

He knew he shouldn’t, he just couldn’t resist. He snuck a peek at the first page and was shocked to find a very farty dragon who had eaten too much sausage meat over the Holidragon festivities. Nevertheless, he was determined to finish his satsuma but then a lady came and sat down opposite him so he just had to share what he’d found….

He told the lady about the Holidragon festivities and that he was surprised dragons ate sausages but the lady looked at him with a strange regard and felt uneasy in his presence.

He continued to eat his satsuma squirting juice on the pages that then revealed a hidden text at the bottom

Shocked he read the message

Imagination is the key

He again tried to share with the lady opposite but she put in her headphones looking out the window so he tried to share it with the man next to him- the man did not believe him and took the book to see for himself only to pass it back saying that the pages were blank……


Have to say it was alot of fun and the people that joined in I hope had fun too! Will do more of these in the future.

Have you done anything similar? What should the next prompt be? 🙂


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