2016 review and 2017 hopes


So xmas has been and gone, presents all unwrapped, food enjoyed and where the year is nearly over people all over start reflecting. I for one have also reflected on this year and I have done many things such as:

  1. Giving birth to Will
  2. Passing level 2 BSL
  3. Reopening this blog
  4. Made an fb page
  5. Participated in my first NanoWriMo
  6. Started a new story


So next year I have put my wishes into catagorys and for writing my list is:

  1. Finish at least one story (first draft)
  2. More author interviews
  3. Read more genres

The others are things such as:

  1. Move house
  2. Get married (Aug 1st)
  3. Pass level 3 BSL
  4. Go for some runs
  5. Try other crafts

That is only a glimpse :p its a long list lol

Busy times but want to make more time for writing and to be more organised with blog and fb posts 🙂 but in reality I can only try…..

I will start sorting out the layout of this blog and maybe merge the two blogs?? What do you think?

This year has been great overall and im very happy that I reopened this blog after a 3 year break 🙂 I cannot believe how fast it has also gone! This time last year I got engaged and announcing that we were expecting- now he is nearly 6 months old!! (Currently having sleepy cuddle while I type this- and Jess is taking many pictures on her new camera) I have also “met” some lovely new bloggers/authors and fb buddies 🙂

So how was 2016 for you? What do you want for 2017?




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