Cover Reveal- Custom Chaos

Cover Reveal -Custom Chaos by James Salsido


Last night I participated in James’s online cover reveal party and it was really fun (and my first cover party). It had a host of lovely authors lined up to talk about their books and announce giveaways (I won a signed book by Lyman 😀 )- authors were  Michelle Schlorb, Lyndsey Harper, E.H. Demeter, Alizabeth Lynn, Lyman Rate, Daqri Bernardo, Lenny Montgomery, Trey Mcintosh, Angie Grigaliunas and Layne Calry.


Custom Chaos is where The World Force needs an artificial intelligence, so they issue a challenge to the planet’s virtual reality gaming community. The best game AI will win the creators an enormous cash prize. An ambitious team of developers accept the challenge, but they soon discover a terrible secret; the World Force is hiding something big from the public at large…and the drive behind the challenge is simple. Fear.


This book is different from superhero books due to the fact that the characters don’t consider themselves superheroes, or even heroes at all, most of the time. They’re just thrust into a whole new situation, and then into a radically changed world that used to be their own, and they spend most of the book dealing with these changes.


The book took a year to produce and all started from something that doesn’t exist today as it did back in the 90’s; Saturday morning cartoons. James was visiting his cousin, and was fascinated by the idea of people having powers. They wanted to make their own story on the subject so came up with their own angle and over the years it went from there – he then took the original idea and came up with a new plot. A sequel is in the making J


Custom Chaos will be out Feburary 2017!


Link to James facebook page:

Cover art done by Jennifer Demeter 🙂


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