Nano week 4 and snippet!


So December is now here and it means the end of this years nano! My 1st and cant wait to do it again and see if I can beat this years word count (dreadful due to many things happening that month) my total was 5,349 but better than 0! It has got me writing again and met lovely people and participated in sprints 🙂 was alot of fun.

Here is a snippet from the nano attempt- let me know what you think (raw and unedited):

“So what got you into dragon keeping- you’re a natural I must add as Spartus doesn’t usually take kindly to new people” she smiled

She was genuinely interested as most don’t stay long at the job or even apply at all- they are very few and far between- the last guy sadly died as he got caught in a fight between two dragons and was set alight- the burnt smell of flesh took weeks to go.

She waited for his response and could sense he was wrestling a thought or two and decided that maybe she pushed the boundary

“Sorry I should not have asked” she said quietly



Now I can focus on the other WIPS as well as the nano one as I like mutlitasking and cannot really focus on one thing only 😛


How was your nano? Did you win? How far did you get?

Thanks for reading!


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