Week 1 of Nano



So already a week has passed! I have not wrote anything new for few days as life got in the way -so now im not sure if I will hit the word count but its the taking part and actually writing that counts 🙂  I have written 3,353 words so far of my WIP2 🙂 Its getting the time to write  (mainly naps or evenings but then im revising BSL linguistics- so all multitasking here!) and thinking of what to write as had what I think was (and could still be) writers block! Have a blank page but not sure how to get it all down! Thinking I should of planned more but then the story goes somewhere I didnt expect it to go so not sure if it would have helped….

I am loving all the group participation and events (daily sprints etc) and just the atmosphere of it all is helping me 🙂 Also seeing others how they are getting on with it is nice to see and gets me motivated (kinda!)

So quick update from me 🙂 So in the words of Dory:


How is your nano going if you are joining in?


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