Nano starts tomorrow!!!!!


Think im all ready…… will see how it goes! Keep changing my mind if to do WIP2 or 3 but think will stick to the WIP2 πŸ˜› Will be interesting to see if complete the challenge but if not then it will at least get me writing everyday and have fun in the process.

Tonight there is a facebook live event (NanoEssex) to kick off nanowrimo- im also on there website:ΒΒ under participants (yay)

They have every Tuesday of November online write ins πŸ™‚ love how there is so much support out there- makes me feel less nervous about it. At the end of the month they are also hosting an online party to celebrate the finish of Nano πŸ˜›

Will do short updates each day (will try to) and a main big weekly update- but you can also follow me on the site JennytheWren πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading!




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One Response to Tomorrow……

  1. Good luck with it. I’d have loved to do it too but unfortunately uni work won’t allow for it. Fingers crossed for next time. πŸ™‚

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