So a few weeks ago I asked for votes on which cover to use for nano- and the winner is….



Was a close vote though! Thankyou to all who participated!

Still plot outlining and nearly finished map of the fantasy world that I will be writing πŸ™‚ Not long left to go!!! 4 days eek! One minute im excited and the next nerves creep in that im not going to finish in time or the story has lots of holes in it (but it will only be a draft- to be edited later!) as long as it gets written it beats a blank page πŸ™‚ Think will try and do updates/journal style posts – will see!

In other news… I have reopened my flickr account and joined instagram (j3nny.k)! I love taking piccys and it does help me with my writing but who knows where it will lead too πŸ™‚

The other day I went on a walk in the woods and took a few snaps- and this will help when the characters walk through the forest and I can describe and visualise the scenes better (and add a few magical things too) I love a walk in the woods such a refreshing break from things!


Do you use pictures to help with writing? How is your nano prep going if your taking part?

Thats it for now :0

Many thanks for reading!


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